Graduate Survey


1. This survey conducted at Macao Polytechnic Institute (MPI) obtained an effective return of 475 questionnaires out of 637 graduates in the academic year 2016-2017, and its respondent rate was 74.57%. 
2. Among the 475 graduates that responded, local students account for 86.11%whereas non-local students 13.89%.
3. Graduates who are employed account for 75.38%, who go for further studies11.58%, unemployed 10.53% and not seeking employment 2.53%.
4. 66% of graduates got the job offer by the end of July in 2017.
5. On average, graduates sent out 5 applications to find a job in this academic year.
6. Graduates who work in Macao earn MOP 15,606 per month whereas those who work in China's mainland earn RMB 4,046 per month.
7. The top four occupations for the graduates are: (1) health care and nursing, (2) trade, wholesale and retail, (3) education, and (4) gambling and entertainment.
8. Over 92% graduates work as junior staff whereas 6.43% are supervisors. 1.12% of graduates choose to start business.
9. More than 80% graduates work in local establishment.
10. Over 71% graduates currently work in occupations that are related to the programmes they learned in MPI.
11. More than 80% graduates believe that the programmes they learned in MPI are helpful to their job.
12. Graduates are most satisfied with “working environment”, at 3.62 (with 5 as the full mark) whereas the least is “remuneration and benefits” (3.38).
13. As to the location for further studies, universities in Macao are most popular, followed by those in Taiwan and United States. Over 91% graduates believe curricula in MPI are helpful for their further studies.
14. Graduates are most satisfied with “proficiency in Putonghua”, at 3.92 (with 5 as the full mark).
15. Overall satisfaction of the programme at MPI reaches 3.82 (with 5 as the full mark). Graduates are most satisfied with “faculties’ attitude” and “faculty-student relationship”, topped at 3.97 and 3.9 respectively. Graduates’ overall satisfaction of the programme has shown an increase over last year.