1. This guideline is applicable for registered students of degree programmes.
  2. Students should pay close attention to their enrollment records and are responsible for the consequences.
  3. There is no limit of the number of subjects registered full-time students can enroll in. However, they should consider their own ability / allot appropriate time to complete every subject they enroll in. The maximum number of subjects for registered part-time students to enroll in is three.
  4. Students cannot enroll in subjects of the higher diploma programmes and the bachelor degree programmes at the same time. Students, before registering in the bachelor degree programme, will need to have graduated from the higher diploma programme of the same specialty.
  5. Students, who are freshmen / have to retake / have to apply for subject equivalence, should proceed with course enrollment.
  6. Enrolment of any subject requires the completion of pre-requisite subjects (if applicable). For students who apply for subject equivalence for the pre-requisite subjects, they can at the same time enrol in the related subsequent subjects on a conditional basis. If the application was approved, students can continue to attend classes of the subsequent subjects. Otherwise, enrolment of the subsequent subject will be cancelled.
  7. If a student repeats a passed subject, the grade obtained will appear on the academic report of that semester. However, only the highest grade ever obtained for the same subject will appear on the students’ transcript issued by the DAMIA.
  8. Subjects shown on the enrollment form of registered full-time students are pre-enrolled according to the student’s admission year, the study plan and all compulsory subjects offered in the academic year. The enrollment form will be sent to students. For students who do not approach the DAMIA for subjects add/drop, all pre-enrolled subjects will be confirmed according to the enrollment form. Students who need to apply for subject equivalence for pre-requisite subjects as mentioned in point no. 6 should approach the DAMIA within the assigned period for subjects add/drop of the subsequent subjects which will not be pre-enrolled.
  9. Pre-enrollment for students resuming studies (who have already completed Year I and suspended their studies) will include Year 2 and Year 3 subjects. Therefore, they should come back to the DAMIA to proceed with subjects add/drop.
  10. For students who need no adjustments to the pre-enrollment, do not need to return for enrollment and should attend classes according to the time-table.
  11. Students may apply at the DAMIA for subject equivalence within the announced period. Students must comply with the rules stated in the regulations for subject equivalence.
  12. If students retake the subjects and the time-table is conflicting with those subjects taken for the first time, (and provided they have met attendance requirements before for the retaken subjects), they may apply for ‘waiver of class attendance’ for the retaken subjects at the DAMIA within the assigned period. However students should consult their lecturers concerned to arrange assignment submission and continuous assessment.
  13. Students should request in writing, together with valid proof, for other cases applying for ‘waiver of class attendance’. Such applications are subject to approval by the schools. Students whose applications have been approved should also consult their lecturers concerned to arrange assignment submission and continuous assessment as mentioned in point no. 12.
  14. For students who did not approach the DAMIA within the announced period for subjects add/drop, the enrolled subjects will be shown on the academic report.
  15. Registered day-time students are not allowed to enroll in subjects being offered in the evening classes or other majors, unless they have previously been authorized by the School concerned.
  16. Registered part-time students should proceed with enrollment according to their own need.
  17. For students of the School of Business: Students must pay attention to the enrollment form. If there is not any information indicated in the ‘class’ column, this is because the number of students enrolling in that class has exceeded the class size (seats will be allocated first to students taking the subject for the first time). If students wish to enroll in that particular subject, they should first register at the DAMIA and will be placed on a waiting list for seat assignment, subject to availability and subject to the sequence of registration.
  18. Student insurance: In order to insure every Higher Diploma/ Bachelor degree and ACS against possible accident during lectures or other school’s activities, MPI each year will buy "group accident insurance" for students. If classmates during lessons/ school activities are unfortunately injured, please go to DAMIA during office hours, with documentary evidence of injury (such as doctor paper) to "declare insurance indemnity ". Main insurance coverage and clause are as follows:
    • Students possible accidents caused during having a class and school activities;
    • Students unfortunate accidents during school journeys, within one hour from the beginning /end of the trip;
    • Students health damage during the activities that the school organises outside the border of RAEM;
    • Including the legal expenses caused by the above-mentioned accidents;
    • Student accidents when driving a motorbike to/from MPI and while participating in school activities;
    • The coverage age limit for Higher Diploma/ Bachelor degree students is 60 years old; for the ACS students it is restricted to 86 years of age.