Year 2016

Students visit a British restaurant


The Student Affairs Office and MPI-BELL Centre of English jointly organized the 『Enjoy and Have Fun』English Activity from 17th February to 13th April 2016. There were five activities and workshops with various topics including “English tongue-twisters and knowledge quiz games”,“Experience British food culture and table manners”, “A mini concert of English songs”, “Thinking outside the box - activities to energise your mind”and “American College Life”.

Through these activities, students were able to experience a whole English environment and enhance their English knowledge by participating in amusing games, visiting a British restaurant, enjoying a mini concert of English songs, testing their thinking skills and learning about American universities.

Students use English for ordering

English trainers explain the British table manners to students
A mini concert of English songs
Students are intoxicated by singers’ performances

A group photo after the mini concert