Year 2016

Following the Opening Ceremony on 19 August for the academic year 2016/2017, a campus Orientation was organised by the Student Affairs Office to welcome MPI freshmen, enabling all of them to learn about campus life at MPI through a variety of lively and exciting activities. ‘Come to MPI • You will Shine’ was the theme of this year's campus Orientation, symbolizing that MPI is an amazing place where students can gain knowledge and pursue their dreams.

The Orientation was held on 20 August in the morning at the MPI Auditorium. More than 800 freshmen and exchange students from Macao, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, America, Portugal, Brazil, Cape Verde, Mozambique and Pakistan attended the Orientation. The MPI Management Board and the Directors of each school officiated at the launching ceremony. Professor Lei Heong Iok, President of MPI welcomed the students to join the MPI family and encouraged them to study hard and to enhance their whole person development. Students should also learn from each other, help each other, work together, grow together and pursue a wonderful life.

MPI students and alumni performed a Lion Dance to wish everyone to excel in their studies and have a wonderful and vigorous academic year. Several hundred freshmen, wearing the Orientation T-shirt with the slogan ‘Come to MPI • You will Shine’, designed by a senior student of the Design programme, cooperated together to display the Institute’s abbreviation ‘MPI’ and its slogan. The dancing and singing performances presented by the senior students, humourous dramas and new interactive games impressed the freshmen very much. An exciting ‘Campus Hunt’ was also held in the afternoon, attracting many students to join. The game required them to complete a designated task together, and thereby learn about various locations on campus. The one day campus Orientation allowed freshmen to get to know each other, build friendships, and provide a chance to join the student union and its various activities, to which they enthusiastically responded. This successful series of activities kicked start their exciting campus life.

In addition, the Student Affairs Office, the organiser of the campus Orientation, introduced another series of ongoing Orientation activities which includes a welcome meeting for Mainland China students and International / exchange students, the ‘Gapless Once More’ Volunteer Scheme, a Sharing Session with Scholarship Students, the ‘Freshman Road’ Macao Street Guided Tour, ‘Igniting Your Life’ Workshop, and a Seminar on Career Planning entitled ‘Entrepreneur Sharing and Exploratory Visit’. By organising the campus Orientation, the Student Affairs Office would like to create a good campus environment and learning atmosphere for freshmen to experience the campus culture of MPI. MPI’s Orientation activities provide a solid foundation for freshmen to pursue an amazing student life, develop in all aspects and contribute to the society.