Year 2012

來自葡國、中國內地及臺灣的七十多名交流生於8月21日開始分批抵達澳門,學生事務處安排人員到機場、港澳碼頭及關閘口岸迎接他們並送他們到學生宿舍,並即時送上迎新禮包,內有本院給交流生的重要資訊,以及實用禮品如旅行萬用插頭、膠文件夾、小熊折疊環保購物袋等,以及旅遊局送贈的澳門地圖及景點介紹等資料。 之後隨即協助交流生辦理註冊、開辦銀行帳戶、辦理澳門通、到醫院接受體檢、到超市購買生活用品等。此外,為加強交流生對本院的設施及各部門的認識,學生事務處安排所有交流生於2012年8月23日參觀校園及各中心。

When over 70 exchange students from Portugal, Mainland China and Taiwan arrived in Macao on 21st August, the Student Affairs Office arranged welcome packs and for staff to greet them at Macao International Airport, Macao Ferry Terminal and the Border Gate and to escort them to the student dormitories. As well as important information about the Institute, the welcome packs contained practical gifts such as a universal travel plug, plastic folders, a little bear shopping bag and maps and Macao information from the Tourist Office. The exchange students were then assisted in registering, opening bank accounts, applying for a Macau Pass and taken to the hospital for their medical examination. They were also escorted to a supermarket for grocery shopping. After having had a short while to settle in, the Student Affairs Office arranged a campus tour for the exchange students to show them the facilities and different departments of our Institute on August 23rd.