What the QAA International Subject Review said about the Programme

What the QAA International Subject Review said about the Programme

The QAA made the following judgment: The Bachelor of Science in Nursing programme “at Macao Polytechnic Institute meets all 10 ESG Standards and Guidelines” * .

* The Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area, or ESG in short, are a set of standards and guidelines for internal and external quality assurance in higher education, providing the criteria at European level against which quality assurance agencies and their activities are accessed. The official ESG document can be accessed here.)

The QAA also highlighted a number of areas of good practice as well as making three recommendations for action:

Good practice identified in the review Recommendations for action
  • Strong relationships with external stakeholders, including external examiners, employers and the Special Administrative Region Government (ESG Standards 1.1 and 1.2).

  • The strong partnership between academic staff and clinical preceptors, which ensures excellent levels of support for student learning in clinical placements (ESG Standard 1.3).

  • Engagement of students as formal helpers in the clinical skills laboratories, which provides enhanced opportunities for peer learning (ESG Standard 1.4).

  • The well established and systematically monitored peer review of teaching, which significantly enhances the quality of teaching (ESG Standard 1.5).

  • The proactive approach to identifying learning resource requirements, which is supported by high levels of investment (ESG Standard 1.6).

  • The 'Rainbow Family' system for providing student support, which ensures that students have an enduring personal and professional peer network (ESG Standard 1.6).
  • Revise the assessment strategy to demonstrate the achievement of all intended learning outcomes and the progressive achievement of higher level academic skills (ESG Standard 1.3).

  • Develop a consistent approach to the provision of formal written feedback on assessed work and the sharing of good practice among staff engaged in marking (ESG Standard 1.3)

  • Formalise processes for the internal moderation of marking to ensure the reliability of outcomes (ESG Standard 1.3).