Biomedical Technology Laboratories

8th floor, Meng Tak Building

In the School of Health Sciences and Sports, there are 9 laboratories, including Chemistry & Physics laboratory (I, II), Biology laboratory, Microscopy laboratory, Isolation laboratory, Molecular Biology laboratory (l,ll), Cell Culture laboratory, and Anatomy room. Laboratories in School of Health Sciences, MPI, aim at meeting the needs of practical teaching and research in Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Technology (Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT), Pharmacy Technology (PT)) and The Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Most of the experiments are conducted in small groups or individuals, enabling students to have abundant opportunities in hands-on experience.

Safety: Laboratories are equipped with FM200 distinguishing system, shower and eye washing equipments, fume hoods, bio-safety cabinets, distinguishers, safety goggles, sharp boxes and so on.

M802 Microscopy Laboratory


Microscopes, Inverted microscope, Florescent microscopes, Polarizing microscope, Microscope digital Camera, Dry cabinet.


General Biology, Cell Biology, Immunology, Microbiology, Clinical Microbiology, Thesis I, Thesis II.


M803 Anatomy room


Real specimens and human body model


Anatomy and Physiology, Histopathology


M806 Chemistry and Physics laboratory


Atomic absorption spectroscopy (Perkin Elmer AA600), High-performance liquid chromatography (Perkin Elmer HPLC series 200, Water HPLC E2695 with photodiode array detector), Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, UV-Visible spectrophotometer, ILab biochemistry analyzer (ILab 300 plus), Granulator, Tablet press machine, Tablet hardness tester, Tablet dissolution system, Disintegration tester, Polarimeter, Homogenizer, Fume hood, Furnace, Analytical balance, pH meter, Conductivity meter, Heat block, Rotary evaporator, Auto pipette, Pipette Aid, Roller mixer, Deionized water systems.


General Chemistry, Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmacognosy, Biopharmaceutics, Basic Dispensing Techniques I, Basic Dispensing Techniques II, Basic Laboratory Techniques I, Basic Laboratory Techniques II, Pharmacology I, Pharmacology II, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Pharmaceutics Thesis I, Thesis II.

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M808 Molecular biology laboratory


PCR Thermocycler, Real time PCR, UV-Transilluminator for Electrophoresis System, Electrophoresis System, Mini trans blot, Autopipette, Centrifuge, Microwave oven, Refrigerator, Freezer .


Molecular Biology, Molecular Diagnostics, Thesis I, Thesis II .

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M809 Isolation Laboratory


Biosafety cabinet Class II, Shaker, Water bath, Butane burner, Ice crusher.


Molecular Biology, Molecular Diagnostics, Histopathology, Thesis I, Thesis II.


M810 Biology laboratory


Air Sampler, Deionized water system, Sterilize ultraclave, Hot plate, Balance, centrifuge, Stomacher, Vitek II compact, Jar gassing system, Precision incubator, Cooled incubator, Carbon dioxide incubator, Universal oven, Microwave oven, Digital shaker, Water bath, mini VIDAS system, Filtration funnel set, Sonicator, UV cabinet, Anaerobic jar, View box, colony counter.


General Biology, Cell Biology, Basic Dispensing Techniques I, Basic Dispensing Techniques II, Immunology, Microbiology, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Pharmaceutics, Thesis I, Thesis II.

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Multisport Pavilion Cell culture laboratory

Cell culture laboratory includes cell culture room, air shower room, buffer room, washing room and storeroom.


Safety cabinet, Carbon dioxide incubator, Invert microscope, Cell count, Water bath, Deionized water systems, Liquid nitrogen tank and Freezer.

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bio_m803 bio_m803

M807 Molecular biology laboratory

Molecular biology laboratory includes operating room and three detection rooms


Flow cytometer, Real time PCR, PCR, High-speed low-temperature centrifuge, Vertical electrophoresis system, Spectrophotometer, Fluorescent inverted microscope and Freezer.

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