Academia do Cidadão Sénior


17/12/2012 Students of Seniors Academy visited “Centro de Educação para Crianças com Problemas de Audição” on the 17th December 2012
13-15/12/2012 12 students were invited to perform in “The Award Presentation Ceremony of 4thGuangdong Provincial Art & Culture Festival” on the 13th-15th December 2012
28/11/2012 Received the delegation of “Qingdao Art University for the Aged” on the 28th November 2012
22-23/11/2012 Director Lam Wan Mei and 56 students visited the “Jiangmen University for the Aged” from the 22nd - 23rd November 2012
27/10/2012 “Sports Day for Teachers and Students” on the 27th of October 2012
20/10/2012 The Social Dance Team won 2nd Prize in the “Elderly Dance Competition” on the 20th of October 2012
29/09/2012 Students won the 2nd prize in the “Elderly Performance 2012”
24/09/2012 Received the delegation of “ Lifelong and Elderly Education of Hong Kong”
21/09/2012 Received two representatives from the National Committee of Elderly Affairs
21/09/2012 Students visited the “Lar de Cuidados Sol Nascente” da Areia Preta
16/09/2012 Co-organized “Elderly Sports Day 2012”
28/08/2012 “Opening Ceremony for Academic Year 2012/2013”
25/08/2012 Students Achieved Excellence Award of “ Lotus Tai Chi Fan” & “32 Style of Tai Chi” in “The 11st Elderly Tai Chi Contest”
14/08/2012 Students took part in “ A Presentation on the ShenZhou 9 Manned Space Mission”
03-04/08/2012 Director Lam Wan Mei made a speech at the “ Meeting of the 4th Association of China University for the Aged” in ChangChun
08/06/2102 “The Graduation Ceremony and Teacher and Student Dinner for the Academic Year 2011/2012”
04-11/06/2012 “Art Exhibition of Academic Year 2011/2012”
21/05/2012 The Seniors Academy received a delegation from the Taiwan “ChongYang University of Technology—Department of Golden- Ager Industry
20/05/2012 Students of the Qigong class won 3rd prize for excellent performance in the “4th Health Qigong Competition”
16-20/04/2012 Visited the “CAS College for the Elderly” in Beijing