Divisão de Obras e Aquisições

Inscrição de Fornecedores de Serviços de Manutenção e Reparação (em Inglês)

Material Submission for Registration of General Repairing / Maintenance Service# for New Supplier

  1. Registration certificate of Construções Urbanas (Execução de obras) or Construtor Civil (Execução de obras) in this year - DSSOPT
  2. Certidão do registo comercial * -CRCBM
  3. Contribuição Industrial - Conhecimento de cobrança (M/8) - DSF
  4. Imposto complementar de rendimentos - Notificação de fixação de rendimento (M/5) - DSF
  5. Imposto complementar – Conhecimento de cobrança (M/6) — DSF (if issue)
  6. Declaração de não é devedor à fezenda RAEM * - DSF;
  7. Certidão de Conta Corrente de Contribuinte * - FSS;
  8. Company Resume (Including the construction project list which has been implemented)
* Issue date of the documents must not exceed in 3 months counting from receipt date of application. For item no.1 to no.7, the document must be
(1) the original or
(2) certified copy or
(3) provide the original and a duplicate copy for IPM verification, the original will be returned back after checking.
  1. Business Operation period must be more than one year
  2. “Contribuição Industrial - Conhecimento de cobrança M/8” – The activity code must include at least type 500020 and will be applied in IPM general repairing/maintenance request for quotation list, between the range of MOP15,000 and MOP500,000.
  3. “Contribuição Industrial - Conhecimento de cobrança M/8” –The activity code must include at least type 500030 or 500040 or 500090 and will be applied in IPM general repairing / maintenance request for quotation list, under the range of MOP15,000.
  4. The scope of general repairing / maintenance mentioned including the works except air conditioning, high voltage, low voltage electrical works(electrical / electronic equipment, CCTV, audio-visual equipment & telephone/telecommunications equipment, etc.), glass, hardware/tools, blacksmiths, locksmiths, plumbing/drainage, painting, waterproofing, carpets and curtains works etc…or involving the items for multi type repairing/ maintenance works specified above.
  5. Regarding the construction project (including the repairing / maintenance works costing over MOP500,000), IPM will adopt the DSSOPT’s Systematization of tendering process of public works in selecting candidates for requesting for quotation.

The above information must be verified and accepted by IPM before considering as qualified supplier (Counting from receipt date of application, applicants must submit all material within 30days, otherwise will be deemed as abandonment.)