Past Issues


“One Country, Two Systems” Advanced Forum 2017

On the Revision of the General Principles of the Contract Law Part in the Civil Law Code WANG Liming
The Hong Kong SAR Court and the Constitutional Order Maintenance under the “One Country, Two Systems” Policy ZHU Guobin
A Brief Analysis on the Basic Laws and the Overall Jurisdiction of the Central Government MO Shijian

“One Country, Two Systems” and National Sovereignty

Summarizing Historical Experience, Enhancing Self-consciousness and Self-confidence in the Practice of the “One Country, Two Systems” Policy IEONG Wan Chong
The Cognitive Deviation of the Central Government’s Overall Jurisdiction and its Corrective Countermeasures LENG Tiexun
Further Research on the Relation between the National Constitution and the Basic Laws of the Hong Kong and Macao SARs XU Chang
On the Position of the Special Administrative Region System in the National Management System YE Zhengguo

“One Country, Two Systems” and Jurisprudence Study

The Systemic Friction of the Special Administrative Region System under the “One Country, Two Systems” Policy and its Resolution JIANG Xiaowei
The Pedigree of the Public Governance Theory under the “One Country, Two Systems” Policy LI Yanping
Britain’s Hong Kong Policy in Recent Years: Changes and Assessments LI Huan
The Scientific Meaning of the Proposition Hong Kong Shall “Remain Unchanged for 50 Years” and its Legal Influences CHEN Xueyu, ZHANG Jianyi

“One Country, Two Systems” Theory and Its Implementation Patterns

Summary of the Academic Seminar of “The Evaluation of the Policy Address for the Fiscal Year 2018” RUPDS Editorial Dept
Revise the Vital Significance of the Fomulation of the Hong Kong Basic Law: Learning from the Documents of the 19th National Congress of the CPC ZHUANG Jinfeng
How to Address the Person Elected in the Chief Executive Election of the SAR Before His/Her Formal Appointment by the State Council? LEONG Sok Man
The Participation of Social Associations and a Responsive Government HO Man Ieng
Distinguished Scholar, Suitable Time and Rich Content:
Book Review of One Country, Two Systems and the Basic Law: History, Reality and the Future by Wang Zhenmin
SUN Cheng

A Wide Angle

Comments and Suggestions on the Legal Protection of Contractual Administration in China JI Chaoyuan
On the Dynamic Sources of Culturology in the Formation of Sun Yatsen’s Three Principles of the People LI Jiazeng
The Practice of the FATF Evaluation Mechanism in China and the Countermeasures to Related Issues LU Songxin