Past Issues


“One Country, Two Systems” and National Sovereignty

On the Correct Understanding and Implementation of the Basic Law:
Evaluating the Practice of the “One Country, Two Systems” Policy in the Macao SAR under the New Situation
IEONG Wan Chong
On the Judicial Connotation and Construction Direction of the Institutional Framework of Maintaining the Peaceful Development of the Cross-Straits Relationship ZHOU Yezhong, DUAN Lei
A Brief Discussion on the Effect of Democratic Centralism in the Macao SAR JI Chaoyuan
Interpreting the “One Country, Two Systems” Policy Correctly: Commenting On the 2016 Policy Address of the Hong Kong SAR LI Yanping
Recent Review and Future Prospect on Xi Jinping’s Governance Thoughts CHAN Yunyun

“One Country, Two Systems” and Legal Establishment

Summary of the Seminar on “Amendment of Legislative Assembly Election Law and Democratic Development in Macao” Union of Macao Scholars Secretariat
On the Experience of Rule of Law Practice in Singapore and its Inspiration to Macao LENG Tiexun
On the Issues of Legal Establishment in Macao from the Perspective of Legal Pragmatism LI Yanping
An Extension of Portugal Commercial Law in Macao and its Influence HE Zhihui

“One Country, Two Systems” and Jurisprudence Study

On the Implementation of the Nomination-confirmation Scheme of Chief Executive Candidates in the Hong Kong SAR under Constitutionalism YOU Le
Constitutional Supervision of the Central Government on the Selecting Method and Discharging Duty Mechanism of the Hong Kong SAR Chief Executive ZHANG Xiaoshuai
Removal Power of the Central Government towards the Chief Executive: Proceedings and Limitations MIAO Yong, XING Ling
On the Supreme Position of the Chief Executive of the SARs HO Man Ieng
Political Analysis on Universal Suffrage and Retention of Functional Constituencies in the Hong Kong SAR CHEN Yonghua

“One Country, Two Systems” and Lasting Political Stability

Opinion Survey Report on “One Country, Two Systems” Composite Indexes (May 2016) CEUPDS Survey Team
On the Path for the Coordination of “One Belt and One Road” Policy and Macao’s Strategic Development CAI Jianmin
The Promotion of the “One Belt and One Road” Policy and the Construction of World Tourism and Leisure Center in Macao GU Xiangwei, ZHUANG Jinfeng
Some Thoughts on Development of Historical and Cultural Tourism in Macao LI Jiazeng

A Wide Angle

Legal Analysis of Wynn v. Okada Wesley Jiankangkai WEI
Issues on the Quality of Authorized Legislation in Zhuhai Special Economic Zone ZHONG Xiaokai
Comparative Analysis of Contemporary Cross-Straits Interest Groups from the Perspective of Almond’s Structural Functionalism HUANG Jizhao
Academic Activities