2013 (Chinês e Inglês)


“One Country, Two Systems” and National Sovereignty

The Scientific Recognition of the Legal System of the Macao SAR IEONG Wan Chong
On Socialism and Capitalism under the “One Country, Two Systems” Principle WANG Yu
The “One Country, Two Systems” Principle and the Chinese Constitutional Innovation QIU Shi, WEI Zhen
An Analysis of the Historical Evolution and the Implemental Effectiveness of the Central Government’s Policy towards Macao LENG Tiexun
The Scientific Content of the “One Country, Two Systems” Principle ZHUANG Jinfeng


“One Country, Two Systems” and Jurisprudence Study

A Research on the Value Objective of the Executive-led System of the SARs: Taking the Hong Kong SAR as an Example ZHU Shihai
A Brief Evaluation of the Application of Legal System Theory in the Legislation of Macao LI Yanping
On the Issues of the Interpretation of the Basic Law: from the Prospective of Various Interpreting Approaches CHONG Chan Chan
On the Policies of the Three Related Parties of the Development of the Macao SAR JI Chaoyuan
The Right of Life Embodied in the Civil Law LEONG Cheng Hang
A Brief Discussion of Acceptance of Victim in Mainland China from the Perspective of Article 37 of the Penal Code of Macao ZHANG Qiang


“One Country, Two Systems” and Its Implementation Patterns

Opinion Survey Report V on “One Country, Two Systems” Composite Indexes RUPDS Editorial Dept.
Some Thoughts on the National Education of Hong Kong WEI Jianxin
The Penetration of the National Discourse Right and the Status of the Civil Associations in Macao before the Handover HO Man Ieng
An Analysis of National Factors in the Peaceful Development of Cross-strait Relations XU Chuan
The Construction of the Integration of Macao and Zhuhai under the Perspective of Regional Value Chains YIN Xudong
Macao Residents’ Political Participation and its Improvement Approach YIN Yifeng


“One Country, Two Systems” and Lasting Political Stability

On the Industrial Structure Optimization Path of Macao CHE Sei Tak
The Characteristics and Inspirations of Parental Rights in Macao QIAO Mingyuan
On the Comparison of Car Accident Liability Insurance Legal Systems between Macao and Mainland China XIE Xiaogong
Some Thoughts on the Perfection of the Enforcement of Cross-border Arbitration Awards between Mainland China and the Hong Kong SAR SONG Xixiang
A Study on the System of Mutual Recognition and Enforcement of Arbitration Awards Between Macao and Hong Kong CHEN Shi
Identification of Maritime Freight Forwarder within the Framework of “One Country, Two Systems” LI Ke
Academic Activities