Past Issues


Special Report

Studying the Basic Law, Upgrading the Quality of the Civil Servants:
A Speech on the Graduation Ceremony of the “Advanced Course of the Basic Law of MSAR”
QIAO Xiaoyang


“One Country, Two Systems” and National Sovereignty

“One Country, Two Systems” and the Theoretical System of “One Country, Two Systems” IEONG Wan Chong
The Basic Law under the Meaning of Social Contract, and the Relationship between the Central Authorities and the SARs GAN Chaoying
“One Country” and the Reconstruction of Political Authority ZHOU Wei
An Outline for Ruling by Law under the “One Country, Two Systems” Principle ZHANG Shijun
BI Qinghua
On the Positive Significance of Combining “Macau People Ruling Macau” with “Chinese People Constructing Macau” LI Jiazeng


“One Country, Two Systems” and Jurisprudence Study

The Right of Formulating the Administrative Regulations of the Macau SAR and its Solution from the Perspective of Jurisprudence Study CHANGXu
On the Idea of “Scientific Policy Making” in Government Administration TAN Tao
On the Unification of Private Law while Maintaining Diversity:
An Observation Based on the Analysis of Two Special Mechanisms in the Macau Civil Code
LOU Aihua
The Comparative Study of Food Safety Laws between Macau, Hong Kong and the Mainland XIE Wei
Comparison Research on the Crime of Acceptance of Bribes between Macau and the Mainland FAN Jianmin


“One Country, Two Systems” and Its Implementation Patterns

The Challenges and Reacting Thoughts of the Macau SAR Government at the Post Financial Crisis Period CHE Sei Tak
A Discussion on the Consolidation of the Guangdong-Macao Cooperation through Macau's Active Involvement in the Hengqin Development CHAN Wai Tan
Possessing Adequate Information and Organizing Cooperation Accordingly: Some Suggestions on the Enhancement of Guangdong-Macau Integration and the Macau Government Participating into the Hengqin Exploitation HO Man Ieng
Investigation the Macau Pattern under the “One Country, Two Systems” Policy from the Perspective of Analyzing the Characteristics of Social Associations in Macau ZHUANG Jinfeng
On the Local Referendum in China: Also on the Response of the “Five-districts By-election” Crisis in Hong Kong WANG Dongqing
A Research on the Anti-Corruption Institution System in Hong Kong: the Basic Framework and Experiences DUAN Longfei
REN Jianming
The Development of Regional Qualification Framework: Macau Education Gini Decomposition and Its Policy Implication SI Un Hong
O Lai Heong
CHAN Kin Sun


A Wide Angle

The Early Eastern Journey of the Portuguese HUANG Hongzhao
Tang Degang and Li Zongren ZHANG Dongbao
The Sincere Hope of an Old Researcher SHI Hanrong
Academic Activities