Past Issues


“One Country, Two Systems” and National Sovereignty

IEONG Wan Chong
“Residual Power” or “Remaining Original Power”? On a Proposition about the Relationship between the Power of the Central Authorities ZHANG Dinghuai, MENG Dong
Viewing the Basic Characteristics of the Macau Pattern from the Construction of A Lei Relativa à Defesa da Segurança do Estado ZHUANG Jinfeng
Adjusting the Thoughts, Uniting the Concept: On the Establishment of Mutual Transferring System of Fugitives from Justice between the Mainland China and Macau ZHAO Guoqiang


“One Country, Two Systems” and Implementation Patterns

A General Description on the 10-year Ruling by Law in the Macao SAR CHANG Xu
On the “Overall Interests” in the Macau Basic Law WU Tianhao
On the Relationship of Legislation and Administration in the Constitutional System of Macau YIN Yifen
On the Guangdong-Macau Relation under the “One Country, Two Systems” Policy LI Jiazeng


“One Country, Two Systems” and Jurisprudence Study

On the Concept and the Categorization of National Laws WANG Yu
“One Country, Two Systems” and Institutional Innovation: From Perspective of the Basic Law Interpretation System ZHENG Wei
RThe Myth of Federalism: A Case Study of the Quebec Province in Canada WANG Changbin
On the Space in the Application of Law and Judicial Independence: German Laws as an Example FAN Jianhong


“One Country, Two Systems” and Lasting Political Stability

The Profound Demonstration of the Advancement of the “One Country, Two Systems” Policy through the Economic Growth of Macau GUO Yongzhong
Anti-Corruption and Education (II): the Governing Foci of the Next Government of the Macau SAR LI Lue
The Possible Model of Constitutionalism for the Social Managing Pattern of Hengqin under “One Country, Two Systems”: Also on the Meaning of Hengqin Development to the Economy and Society of Macau JI Chaoyuan
Opinion Survey Report on “the Direction of the Development of the Second 10 Years of the Macau SAR RUPDS Editorial Dept


A Wide Angle

Summary of the Seminar on “the Change and Development Direction of the Election and Political Culture in Macau” Union of Macao Scholars Secretariat
Summary of the Academic Seminar on “Towards the Second 10-year Administration According to Law of the Macau SAR” RUPDS Editorial Dept
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