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“One Country, Two Systems” Advanced Forum II

On the Necessity and Urgency of the Scientific Positioning of the “One Country, Two Systems” Theory IEONG Wan Chong
On the Positioning of the “One Country, Two Systems” Theory ZHOU Yezhong
On the Constitutional Realization of “One Country” in the “One Country, Two Systems” Theory HU Jinguang
On the Innovative Development of the “One Country, Two Systems” Theory: Based on the Spirit of the Work Reports of the CPC Congress MO Jihong
On the Foundation and Logic of the “One Country, Two Systems” Theory LOK Wai Kin
On the Core Content and Basic Objectives of the “One Country, Two Systems” Theory DONG Likun


“One Country, Two Systems” and National Sovereignty

On the Policy Address for the Fiscal Year 2013 (Interviews) RUPDS Editorial Dept.
“Summary of the Seminar of “The Evaluation of the Policy Address for the Fiscal Year 2013”
Union of Macao Scholars Secretariat
A Brief Discussion on the Special Administrative Region and the Special Administrative Region System WANG Yu
The SAR Systems Enriches the Features of the Socialism with Chinese Characteristics LENG Tiexun
The Enlightenment to the Unity of China from the Experience of the United States JI Chaoyuan
The Practice, Innovation and Development of the “One Country, Two Systems” Theory after the Restoration of Hong Kong and Macao GU Xiangwei


“One Country, Two Systems” and Jurisprudence Study

On the Standard of Legislative Technology in Macao FAN Jianhong
An Observation on the Legislative Technology in Macao LI Yanping
On Standard of Legislative Technology and the Legislative Technology of Macao WANG Lingguang
Possible Contributions from Jurisprudence to Legislation ZHANG Qingbo
On the Current Situation and Perfection of the Inter-regional Service of Civil and Commercial Legal Documents in the Mainland, Hong Kong and Macao SONG Xixiang


“One Country, Two Systems” and Its Implementation Patterns

Opinion Survey Report IV on “One Country, Two Systems” Composite Indexes RUPDS Editorial Dept.
On the Scientific Connotation of the Executive-led System in the SARs: Taking the Hong Kong SAR as an Example ZHU Shihai
A Critique on the Unusual Filibuster in the Hong Kong Legislative Council ZHUANG Jinfeng
The Gradient Effect of the “One Country, Two Systems” Policy and the Regional Integration of Macao and Zhuhai YIN Xudong
A Discussion on the Expression of “Hong Kong People, Hong Kong Land” and “Macao People, Macao Land” LI Jiazeng
The Improvement of the Mandatory Health Care System for the Mainland China from the View of Macao’s Security Measure System LIU Sijia


A Wide Angle

The Relationship of Goa and Macao in the 16th to 19th Century HUANG Hongzhao
HUANG Hongzhao ZHANG Dongbao
Academic Activities