Divisão de Assuntos de Pessoal

Condições de Contratação de Pessoal Docente

General Information for Academic Staff

  1. Terms of Appointment

    The appointment shall be for a period of one or two years basis, extended or renewed subject to mutual agreement, by period of one or two years.

  2. Fundamental Academic Units

    The constituent schools are responsible to take up the academic work and those schools are the fundamental academic units under the Institute, namely School of Arts, School of Applied Sciences, School of Business, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, School of Health Sciences and Sports and School of Languages and Translation.

  3. Duties
    • Academic staff member shall be held responsible to the Institute’s Administrative Board or to a designated Director of School, for duties as required by the entitlement of  the appointment and/or such other concurrent appointments and duties within your capability as may be specified by Director of School, who may, at the request of the Co-ordinator, assign the academic staff  member to teach certain courses in that school subject to the normal teaching load not being exceeded.
    • A staff member shall be required to carry a normal load of 36 contact hours per week and be responsible for syllabus preparation, lecturing, tutorial, supervision of laboratories (if use of laboratories is needed), invigilation and examination grading.
  4. Salary (taxable)

    Salaries are payable monthly. The current salary scale of  level and index points are as follows:

    Level Category
      Teaching Assistant Index Point Lecturer 
    Index Point
    Associate Professor Index Point Full Professor Index Point
    1 350 430 540 770
    2 370 455 570 810
    3 390 480 600 850
    4 420 520 630 890
    5 450 560 660 930
    6   600 710 980
    7   640 760 1030

    (1 Index Point = MOP88)

    The salary level will be determined according to the staff member’s academic qualifications, higher education teaching and/or professional experience.  The current local income tax rate ranges from 7% to 12%.  (US$1.00 approx. = MOP8.00)

  5. Annual Leave Allowance and Christmas Alowance

    Staff members who have completed one year of service shall be entitled to Annual Leave allowance which is equivalent to one month basic salary. Christmas allowance will be distributed in November of each year, on a pro-rata basis according to the period of service counted till 31st December every year. Christmas Allowance is equivalent to one month basic salary plus seniority premium.

  6. Medical Benefit

    Staff members are entitled to specific medical benefits as provided by the Government Health Department and Kiangwu Hospital, subject to payment of 0.5% on his/her salary.

  7. Leave
    • Annual Leave

      Academic staff members are entitled to 22 working days of annual leave in each academic year.

    • Marriage Leave

      Staff members who get married are entitled up to 10 working days of marriage leave.

    • Maternity Leave

      Staff members who become mother are entitled to 90 days of maternity leave.

    • Paternity Leave

      Staff members who become father are entitled to 5 working days of paternity leave.

    • Other Leave

      Sick Leave, Funeral Leave, No-paid Leave and etc., which may be granted at the discretion of the Institute.

  8. Housing Allowance

    A monthly housing allowance of index point 40 will be payable to an eligible staff member, provided that one does not live in property belonging to Macao SAR or in any other public property belonging to legal persons or those receiving a monthly or any other equivalent kind of leasing allowance.

  9. Family Allowance

    An eligible staff member will be provided with family allowance for descendant and ascendant/spouse dependants, with a respective allowance of index point 10 per month, subject to eligibility of applying for family allowance.

  10. Joint Provident Fund Scheme & Employee’s Provident Fund Scheme

    Full-time staff members who are holders of Macao resident ID can participate in the "Joint Provident Fund Scheme" of Macao SAR, whilst holders of different identification of other full-time staff members with 1 year of consecutive service can join "Employee's Provident Fund Scheme" of the Institute . 

  11. Outside Practice

    A staff member who needs to engage in outside practice will have to obtain prior approval from the Institute. For non-Macao residents, they are restricted to take up any outside practice in any organization in Macao.

  12. Retirement

    The maximum age of appointment is 65 years. Appointment however may be extended beyond the normal retirement age subject to explicite approval from the government regulatory authority.

  13. Termination of Service

    Either party may terminate the employment contract by giving the other party 60 days’ written notice. In the event that either party fails to provide the specified advance notice, compensation equivalent to the salary payable for the days the specified advance notice has not been given shall be payable by any party in breach.  Academic staff must complete the teaching and examination duties assigned upon contract termination

For other conditions not specified above,  please refer to the Personnel Charter of MPI.


Macao Polytechnic Institute
Personnel Office
October 2019