Master Degree in Sports Social Science

Offered by Beijing Sports University, in collaboration with Macao Polytechnic Institute

Programme Outline

Sports Social Science, which is the basic element of modern sports science, is a science studying sport phenomenon in the aspect of humanities (including Education, Sociology, Management, History, etc). This subject not only involves the philosophy or values, but also emphasizes its application and its comprehensiveness. It studies issues in the practical fields of sport education, sport management, social sport, Olympic games, etc, provides a theoretical basis for sport strategies, and gives concrete guidelines for implementations of different sport duties.

Mode of Study


Normal Duration of Study

3 years

Study Plan:

Course Type Credits
English Obligatory 8
Specialization of Sports Social Science Obligatory 8
Sport Management Obligatory 2
Introduction of Sport Obligatory 2
Thesis Obligatory - -
Athletics Coaching Theories Elective 2
Exercise Physiology Theories Elective 2
Sport Biochemistry Theories Elective 2
Sport Biomechanics Theories Elective 2
Sport Education Elective 2
Sport Psychology Theories Elective 2
Modern Education Theories and Methods Elective 2
Sport Statistics Theories Elective 2
Sport Measurement and Evaluation Elective 1
Sport Races Theories Elective 1
Sport Research Methods Elective 1
Medical Supervision of Sport Elective 1

Remark: A minimum of 36 credits is required for the completion of the Programme.

Award of Degree

On successful completion of the programme and compliance with all relevant requirements, the candidate will be awarded Master Degree by Beijing Sports University.


The commencement of this Programme has been approved by the Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture of Macao SAR in 2005 (Despacho do Secretario para os Assuntos Sociais e Cultura n.o 127/2005).