It was hot in Macao, but it was cold in Melbourne in August. Although it was cold, it did not stop the passion of the people. The Melbournians are one of the world's most ethnically and culturally diverse populations. Sport is huge here, especially footy and cricket. My host grandmother, who is in her 84th year, still goes to watch Australian Football League (AFL) every Saturday afternoon.

Melbourne is considered to be one of the world's most livable cities. The air is clean, it is filled with many gardens, the suburbs are green and the streets are safe. The study environment is excellent. It was very unusual for me as I slept right after dinner and it was really very early. Every night I had a chit-chat with my host before sleep. Australians like small talk and consider a work-life balance is a must for a healthy person, community, society and country.

This overseas training provided me great opportunities to improve my proficiency in English and broaden my international perspectives. The business skills and behaviors taught in the class enriched my major of pharmacy technology, enhanced my degree, and empowered my abilities and aspirations to excellence. We had two tours visiting Dairy Innovation Australia Limited (DIAL) and National Australia Bank (NAB)

It was a great opportunity to visit the laboratory of DIAL as I am a pharmaceutical student. Innovative dairy products and processes are sustained to drive growth, productivity and nutritional value. Low fat milk now has almost the same texture and flavour as full cream milk, thanks to the efforts of the doctors, engineers, technicians and also the sensory testing participants. Their great efforts make the cheese, butter, yoghurt, milk and milk powder have increasing aroma, flavour and nutrition.

The visit to NAB was an eye-opening experience. Although NAB is a century-old major financial institution in Australia, they are innovative and young. They are customer-centered so as to help their customers realize their potential, improve their financial access and create opportunities for them. They adapt customer relationship management and focus on customers. They use social media effectively and they have the highest customer satisfaction. I found their working environment most interesting. All are not confined to their own cubicles, even the managers or the CEO. The workers are more interactive with each other, effective in communication and engage their customers. They provide resources for their customers to develop. I can learn a lot from their openness and fairness.

During weekends, we had one-day tours to Great Ocean Road, Puffing Billy Railway, Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne Museum and Penguin Parade. I got up early and had a magnificent view of the starry night on the way to the station. The morning dusk of the city center was so beautiful. The Great Ocean Road was built to commemorate the service of the sailors and soldiers in WWI, 1914-1918. What impressed me about Melbourne is the well-preserved century-old buildings, facilities, environmental awareness and the volunteering merits of good, hardworking Australians. The stories behind the sceneries made a profound impact on the touring experiences. It made my Melbourne journey complete after visiting koalas, kangaroos at Maru, and the penguin parade at Phillip Island. It was a pity that I was not allowed to take photos on Phillip Island, so all the memory was only in my head. I hope it would not vanish.

After the Global Profession Program, I was determined to kill my procrastination. I used to procrastinate a lot. During class discussion, I told my teachers and my classmates that I was more creative and focused under pressure before deadlines. I said I worked most efficiently closer to the deadline, but it actually harmed my performance. The class arrangement was good as it began as a half-day class in the first week so we were able to adapt to the new environment. We were all active in the class and we had good teachers like Mark and Katrina. Our English improved a lot after role playing, class discussion, presentation and debate. At the end, I have to thank Macao Polytechnic Institute for giving me this valuable opportunity to progress.