In this summer holiday, I went to Australia for this overseas learning program. I was excited because it was my first time to visit Australia. This time we stayed in Melbourne, which was the second largest city in Australia. When I first arrived in Australia, I was impressed by the large size and low population density of the city. The air was fresh because there were many trees. Also, the public transport was different from Macao. We usually took the train or tram when we travelled to some places. I was not familiar with the routes of the public transport at first and sometimes I got lose. But I can get used to it finally. There were many landmarks in Melbourne which were worth to visit and the scenery was beautiful.

In these three weeks, we had the lesson in the Monash city campus. Not only learning general English, we also discussed about Australian culture, Business English and essay writing, etc. There were two Japanese classmates joined our lessons in the second week. We communicated with them in English. Sometimes we asked them to teach us Japanese and we had a lot of fun. The teachers were also very nice and they taught us patiently. After this learning program, my English communication skill has been improved because we spoke a lot English in the lesson.

Another important thing was that I could experience the foreign teaching mode. The teaching was different because the lessons were full of interaction. There were a lot of discussions in the lesson. Sometimes we played some exciting games and we could also learn English through playing the games. We also had a lot of activities. For example, students from other countries would come to our lesson and communicate with us. They shared their experience of living in foreign country. I thought it was interesting and it made me want to study abroad. Moreover, we can also have chances to visit a dairy company and a bank. It was a good experience for us to know more about the different industries in Australia.

I lived in home stay in these three weeks. I could communicate with my host family and know more about their culture. My host family made the meals for me every day. My host family was nice. Besides, I visited a lot of landmarks when I stayed in Melbourne. I visited the Great Ocean Road and the scenery was excellent! I also went to the Philip Island which was famous of penguin. The penguin was very little and they walked to their nest orderly. It was very interesting! I thought it was a good chance for me to experience the life in Australia.

In this learning program, I did not only learn English, but also knew the culture of Australia and made a lot of friends. My group mates were funny and helpful. We had a lot of fun and I enjoyed having lessons with them. I was glad that I could meet them. In this journey, I learned to be independent because sometimes I needed to solve problems. It was a good experience for me. This was a meaningful journey. I hope that I could have a chance to join another overseas program and learn more English in the future.