Time flies, three weeks of Global Professionals Program Course has finished. I am very glad that I can have this chance to join this program. Before this course started, I was very worried about how to get along well with the home stay family, can I understand what does the teacher say and can I communicate with them. But when I got there, I found that all of them are very friendly and kind. They spoke slowly so that I could understand what they said and if I didn’t understand what they said, they would explain it in an easier way.

What I have learned in this course is about business in Australia, such as how to write a formal Email, how to set a SMART goal, work style, recruitment in Australia etc. My major is nursing and I didn’t have any idea about business’s knowledge, although these kinds of knowledge are very basic, these were new for me, so I think this course was very useful for me. And it was a coincidence that what I have learned from this course was related to some of my subjects in final year. It made a foundation of my study. Besides learning new things, the learning style of Australia is totally different from Macau. The teachers always give you some time to think about the topics, but in Macau, most of the teachers only “give” you something and you need to receive it. I love this because brainstorming can make me more creative. Apart from the lesson, the course also included two visits to Australia’s companies. Through these activities, I have learned lots of working culture about Melbourne, and also, the staff of the companies shared their personal experiences with us. And Monash College arranged some international students to share some information with us. If we had questions about studying oversea, they would share their experiences with us, that made me more informative.

On the other hand, living with local family can let me feel the culture difference. I am very lucky that my host family was very friendly and enthusiastic; they treated me very nicely and make me feel like I was at home. At first, I though my host mother was a strict person, as time went by, I knew that what she did was good for us, she forced me sleep earlier and ate more vegetable because it was good for my body. Although she needed to go to work, every time she came home, she would ask me if I was good or not that day. I remembered that one morning I had coughed few times, and she prepared some medicine immediately. I was very touched at that moment. I really enjoyed this kind of culture exchange and it made me more independent and knew how to get along well with other people.

Over all, I really appreciated that MPI gave me this chance to study abroad, it made me feel and learn lots of differences and widen my eyesight. It was a treasure memory and I will remember it forever.