First of all, I am very grateful that I got the pleasure to participate in the Global Professionals Program at Monash University. I have learned and achieved a lot through this experience.

By taking this three-week program, I have learned business skills and behaviors in an international environment. In terms of business skills, I have learned effective email and report writing, as well as communication skills. In terms of business behaviors, I have learned how to make a good first impression in the workplace. Moreover, I have got to know more about myself. By learning the skills to promote myself, I was able to better understand my own strengths and weaknesses. I really enjoyed the class time since the learning environment was so great and there were many interesting activities. Also, I learned more about the working environments and operating systems of different companies in Australia by visiting Dairy Innovation Australia Ltd. and the National Australia Bank. I was really thankful for the detailed presentations of the members from these two companies.

Further, apart from learning professional business knowledge, my listening and speaking skills have improved. During the class, we only used English to communicate. We had a lot of chances to discuss different topics and even debate by using English. When I returned to my home in Melbourne, I shared my experience of the day with my host and she shared hers to me. In addition, Melbourne is a multi-cultural city, so I got the chance to listen to different English accents. All these experiences further improved my listening and speaking skills.

Moreover, I have built my confidence since the studying environment was very active. The professors encouraged us to talk more and raise questions when necessary. I felt free to express my thoughts, answer questions and share my ideas in group discussions. Also, I had many opportunities to speak and present in front of the class. Getting more and more chances to speak in English, I became more confident and did not hesitate so much as before when I spoke in English.

In addition, I have broadened my horizons and international perspective. I have learned a lot about Australian culture. Australians are very straight forward but very polite. When I entered stores, every salesperson would make a friendly greeting. Also, people would say thank you to the bus driver when they got off. Another aspect of Australian culture is that Australians cherish electricity and water a lot. They would not be happy if people wasted electricity and water. Also, it is not necessary to boil water before drinking; we can drink water directly from the tap.

Finally, I am very happy that I met many friends during this program. All the members are very friendly and lovable. During the three weeks in Melbourne, we learned and travelled together. I had a great time with them. Besides, my host is very nice and treated me well. I will keep in contact with her. All the people I met in Melbourne and Sydney are very nice.

Melbourne is a very beautiful place and I will definitely visit Melbourne again!