To be honest, never have I expected that I would enjoy this course, named Business English. I'm not a student major in business so I was kind of disappointed once I knew about that. However, I could not love it more at last! I love those lessons, the people and the city, Melbourne.

I was so excited that I was in Class A at the first week because we had lessons in the morning instead of in the afternoon. The mood to have fun could be totally different if lessons are following. Although it was quite struggle to get up from my cozy bed every morning at 7 a.m., the whole day was full of laughter. Getting up everyday and knowing it was definitely another happy and memorable day! The more days I spent in Melbourne, the more I treasured the time.

The tutors first nicely introduced to us the culture in Melbourne, the ultra-diverse culture there. Almost one in four Australian residents was born outside of Australia. There are many distinctive cultures, beliefs and languages on the continent but together living in harmony.

Apart from this, tutors showed their great passion teaching us even though it was only a 3-week course. We had different and practical topic each day. There would have lots of activities in class as well, like group discussions and company visiting. What I like the most was to have debate in class! You would never know how fancy the feeling was to debate with elites from Cantonese, Mandarin and English debate teams. Even it was only a simple motion, many awesome points were raised. And that's the reason why I like to debate, to have the brainstorm with them.

As long as it was a school day, we stayed together to have lunch. Sometimes we were competing whose homestay family did a better lunch-box but most of the time we were sharing our lunch with each other. The best part of the day for me was to sit and dine with classmates. Afterwards, it took me some times to get used to my lonely lunch when I got back to Macau.

I have not expected that this learning trip would mean that would be so meaningful to my life. I meant persons there who I don't want to forget, who I feel blessed that I could have a chance having them run into my 18. In addition, I have learnt and have my boundary broadened. So on and on, these memories will long live in my heart.