My name is Queenie, I am studying in MPI and I am a year 2 Public Relations student. Over this summer vacation, I participated in a study program to study in Australia which was held by the student affairs office. The student affairs office offered a great opportunity for students to learn and live in a foreign country, and now this experience also became a good influence on my life and my career.

Australia is a multicultural country; many people like to immigrate, travel, study or work in this international country. Australia’s environment was really good, no air pollution and the water quality are best. The health policy was recommended, based on the high tax because Australians get the help they need, and the traffic, it was a great system, most of the citizens use the public transport such as train, tram, bus or taxi to work or bike a bicycle. The public transports were really convenience and on time, we can easy to search the time table on the internet and plan the journal.

In this study program, I like Business Conversations and Business Culture, the topics were useful. When we came with a friend we usually start small talks, we can talk something pass in last night and or weekend. It was easy methods to start the conversation. And the business culture topic, if is quite important to lean the workplace culture and cultural diversity. This information helps us do well in the career when we need to work with different background people.

First week we started the classes. We separated in different classes, one is the morning and the other is afternoon classes. I was allocated in the afternoon class. I usually woke up at 7a.m., sometime my host family prepared the breakfast for me and usually I do by myself. Although the storage room had much kind of food provided but the cereal with milk and toast are the favorites in morning in Australia.

I usually went out sightseeing or shopping before school. I love studying at Monash College because it was comfortable and there had great facility there. I seldom saw a classroom chair can move easier in the classroom, normally in Macau most of the universities use fixed chairs; in Australia we can follow the lecturer and enjoy the activity all the time, we can made a group easily and the chair had four wheels and the table also can change directions.

Aes we changed to all day classes. We had new classmates who came from Japan’s new classmates. We felt surprised and happy because we could share the culture and background with each other. When they came to join the classes, we spoke more English than before, we tried hard to present our mind and spoke in common use language (English), this showed we respect them and therefore we had a great relationship. I suggested that we should join to the international classes because we can speak more English in classes. In the other hand, the classmates all came from Macau or China; we used to spoke Cantonese and mandarin, I though the result was total different.

I felt ecstatic and lucky in my Australian life, not only studied in Australia with the other 22 participants, we got a good friendship in these three weeks, and future we are friends in my life, but also I became a family member with my host family, the parents and the two younger brothers treated me as their child and sister. They provided a good environment and daily diet to me and we had small talk in every morning and night. They taught me all the novelty in Australia and I love them too. In these following years, I will go back there with my parents and visit host family again.