Honestly, I want to say that I am thankful for being chosen to go abroad for learning and living around 22 days with my dear classmates who are also as lucky as me. After getting in touch with a foreign culture directly, I am willing to share my feelings with all my friends, and meanwhile, this article is also a conclusion and reflection about this brilliant experience.

Obviously, I adore Australia, regardless of hearing too many things about this mysterious continent when I was a child or learning a big amount of information when I entered school. So in my reflection I will introduce three aspects about this journey.

First of all, I want to talk about the learning aspect. We studied in the city campus of Monash University which is located in the CBD of Melbourne city where you can find many stores, supermarkets and office buildings. Therefore, it is extremely convenient for foreigners to explore this lovely city. The program we took part in is called PPA (Professional Pathways Australia) and its aim is to train students who want to work or be an intern in Australia. Naturally, we learned many things about business behavior, workplace culture, Australia culture and history, etc. I think the achievements that I made while studying in Monash University are the following:

  1. I learned more diversified English words rather than pure business English words.
  2. I realized that China is the fourth largest country in the world (behind USA). Actually, Taiwan is not be considered as a part of China, therefore, I feel heart-broken.
  3. I learned how to write business emails and reports.
  4. By communicating with employees who work for PPA, I discovered the workplace culture that is applied at the office which reflects the employees’ different countries.

Secondly, I want to say something about where I lived and my 22 days. Fortunately, my homestay was located in Bentleigh where the weekly transportation cost is $40 rather than in other places where it costs $60 a week. Although it is cheaper, I spent around 30 minutes to take a train from Bentleigh to CBD. So every day, I left home an hour earlier. Generally, I think the public transportation in Melbourne is brilliant because I can choose several methods to go to CBD. I hardly ever saw congestion problems in the City. As for the food, I want to thank God for giving me a talented grandma who has served in a Chinese restaurant for 10 years. Also because of her son who works in Japan, she cooks very like Asian people. In a word, I could easily have Chinese food, Japanese sushi and local lamb. But God is fair; the temperature in my room was as low as outside. Totally speaking, I liked my homestay no matter what they provided with me and how they loved me, I will remember them my whole life. By the way, after arriving in Macau, they sent me a message saying that they had arrived in France and were planning to travel around Europe until October. How lovely they are.

The last aspect is concerned with natural landscape. Because of my hobby, I specially pay attention to looking at beautiful landscapes and using my camera to record them. I have a great deal of accomplishment if I take lots of beautiful photos when I travel around other places. Basically, I think these kinds of photos are the only memory that you have in this place. Luckily, I am satisfied with traveling around Melbourne at the weekend and taking many photos which can represent my life and feeling. If you want to know some details, just take a look at my photos.

I really cherish the memory of this journey and I want to thank my school again for choosing me.