I was glad that I had this chance to participate in this learning program. I was really excited that I could have a chance to study in the Monash University. We had the PPA lesson in the Monash’s city campus. I was worried at first because I needed to speak in English. I just tried my best to speak well. Although my English was not very fluent, I could communicate with a foreigner. When I first met my host family, I felt they were friendly. They listened to me patiently and arranged well for me. I was enjoyed in the three weeks.

When I first went to the university, I was really excited. However, I needed to go to the university myself. It was a big challenge for me because I did not familiar with the traffic in Australia at all. I had to take the bus and train to the university. I arrived at the university successfully. I got lost when I get back to my home stay. I asked the local people to teach me how to go to my home. They were very friendly and finally I can find the way to go back. When I arrived at my home stay, they were worried about me. But it was a good chance for me to learn dependent and solve problems myself.

In this three weeks program, I can experience the different teaching method in foreign country. There was full of interaction in the class. The teacher encouraged to speak English and discuss with our classmates. They designed some games for us to play and we can learn in the game. We could get the prizes when won the games and it made us more active. We learned report writing, effective e-mail, workplace culture and communication which were very useful. Besides, they arranged us to visit two companies to learn about their work culture and employment skills. We needed to do the journal as homework. It can also make us to remember all the experience of the trip. In the second week, we were happy because two Japanese students joined our lesson. It was interesting because we can learn more about the Japanese culture.

Besides studying in university, we travelled a lot of places. I joined two tours and visited the Great Ocean Road.I took the helicopter and viewed the scenery. That was amazing! It was my first time to take the helicopter and I was really excited. The scenery was excellent. At the second weekend, we went to Sydney and visited a lot of landmarks. For example, we went to the Sydney Opera House and Blue Mountain. That was excellent! We stayed in the hostel and we needed to cook the meals for ourselves. It was another experience.

I was glad that all of us can finish this program. I wanted to thank my teachers, as well as my home stay. I will keep contact with them. I hope that I can visit them in the future. I wanted to stay longer in Australia and I thought three weeks were not enough. In this program, I have improved my English and also know the culture in Australia. It was a good experience and I hoped that I could visit Australia again in the future.