After completing three weeks of the study abroad program in Australia, the first thing I would like to express is how happy I am that the school gave me the opportunity to realize my dream of studying in Australia.

This is the first time I went to an English-speaking country. When I came to Melbourne, everything was good for me. The first impression was a blue sky, fresh air and the feeling of being in a good city!

On our first day we went to MONASH University, and we were very much looking forward to our home stay family. My home stay father Paul was from the United States, my home mate Ocean from Shanghai, and they were very nice. They made my days in Melbourne some of my most precious memories. When I mentioned that I want to try the famous kangaroo meat in Australia, Paul cooked it for me on the second day! They let me try so many good things; I was only unaccustomed to their noon habits: they like to eat a sandwich on most days, and I got a bit tired of that after one month. They cared about my daily life in school, although my English skills are not good, but I used a variety of body language to communicate, which for me, is a very interesting thing. I also made friends from Japan, and we went to Old Melbourne Gaol and Yarra River to take a lot of pictures. The Japanese seemed very polite, and I was really happy to meet them. When I go to Japan next year, they can be the tour guides for me!

Our location was in the center of learning –PPA. There are many classical buildings everywhere, and the teachers taught us very carefully as we had a lot of teaching content. They also introduced a lot of Melbourne workplace culture, which made Business English become lively and interesting. My most memorable visit was to the National Australia Bank, designed to be a very comfortable working environment. One can see the Melbourne landscape and the Hanging Gardens, the colorful lounge area, as well as a green design staircase. Employees seemed very free, without special dress code. Supervisors and subordinates seats are adjacent; there is no concept of class, showing that the company attaches great importance to the health of employees. This kind of ideal working environment would be great for Macau and is something I really hope to have the opportunity to bring from Australia.