Thanks for giving me the chance to go to Australia. It was not only an opportunity to learn English in Business and the culture of Australia, but also to make friends with my schoolmates and host family. Fortunately, there was also a Japanese boy who lived in my host family, that meant when we chatted about the culture differences between Australia and Asia, there was always more than one answer. In the three weeks, I learned the Australian culture and also Japanese culture.

It was not the first time for me to go abroad, but the first time to Australia. When I was in High school year 2, I went to Germany for a year on an exchange. For this reason, everything in Australia was familiar to me for the first few days, the food, the streets and the transport. But I found the differences gradually. The people there were more easy-going and were very kind even on first meeting you. They were always willing to have a small talk with me that made me feel surprised but warm for such a friendly way they talked to me. The climate there was also different which I really liked. Although there was always rainy days in winter but not so cold, and when the sunshine came, I found I was the happiest girl in the world to see such a beautiful city and the nature.

Our course was a three-week program called PPA which stands for Professional Pathways Australia. In the course, we learned the business culture, business skills, business writing and business conversations every week. They were useful not only for the business but also for the daily life. Maybe it was only an introduction course for the business, that’s why it was so close to our daily life. During the course, we also had two visits, one was to the Dairy Innovation Australia and another was to the National Australia Bank. They were really good experience for us to know the business in Australia although I couldn’t understand all the information from speakers.

Remembering the last day in PPA, I can’t forget the video made by one of the directors. That was a review for our three weeks.  A nice memory is always complex, because it brings happiness but also means we can’t go back. The memory was in the past and always to be the part of our life. No one likes farewells, but we need to face it, this is the life that makes us cherish each other and be thankful to the people also the things we have meet.

I just want to say thank you for all the people around me who make my life more meaningful and colorful.

Thank you all.