Campus Tour

Campus tour starts at the reception every 30 min

MPI Publications Display

2/F, Chi Un Bldg (Auditorium)

This is How We Interpret

B303, 3/F, Chi Un Bldg

CPR, Wound dressing,Baby bathing,BM test, BP,  BMI

7/F, Meng Tak Bldg

Clinical microscopy examination, Exhibition of anatomical specimens, Chemical analysis of Kiwifruit, Preparation and evaluation of moisturizer, Extraction of natural herbs, Preparation of hard gelatin capsules

8/F, Meng Tak Bldg


Sports Biomechanics Lab(Open for public fitness test)

P116, 1/F, Multisport Pavilion


Vocal, Piano and Instrument Solo and Ensemble, Percussion Workshop

Campus Garden, G/F, Chi Un Bldg and
4/F, Meng Tak Bldg

Performance by Students and Alumni

Workshop ( Printmaking, Ceramics, Chinese Painting, Sketch, Sculpture ), Art Work Display

A106, A107, A108, A109, A111 and
Recreation Area, G/F, Chi Un Bldg

Portrait Drawing, Illustration Workshop, Pinhole Photography,
3D Laser Cutting, Interactive Installation,
Best Student Work Exhibition

4/F & 5/F, Wui Chi Bldg
3D Workshop


Sharing of IT Education and Research Experience

Digital Gallery, Room A323→A320→A318→
A313→A314→A304→A216-A202, 3/F, Block A, Chi Un Bldg