Master Degree in Foreign Linguistics & Applied Linguistics

The Master’s Degree in Foreign Linguistics & Applied Linguistics jointly offered by Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU) and Macao Polytechnic Institute (MPI) is one of the achievements of the cooperation between the two institutions.

The course was approved by the Dispatch No. 120/2006 of the Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture and welcomed the first batch of students in September 2008. Since its establishment more than ten years ago, the course has been continuously improved according to the actual needs of Macao. It has become an ideal choice for local students and working people who want to improve their translation skills.

Graduates of the Programme are active in the Macau government, as well as in education, language services, and tourism industry. The three-year study not only allows them to master the knowledge of language, literature and translation, but also broadens their horizons, enabling them to make great achievements in their work and contribute to the development of Macao society.

Class 2008 with Professor FANG Li (front row, second from right), one of the founders of the joint MA programme, the late well-known linguist and instructor of “Introduction to Syntax”
Class 2008 and Class 2009 with Professor WANG Zhenya (front row, center), State Council Special Allowance expert, and instructor of “Stylistics”
Class 2008 with Professor WU Ping(front row, center), instructor of “Introduction to Semantics”
Class 2008 after their dissertation proposal presentation on September 28, 2010 in the Zhuhai Holiday Resort
Judy Wong (right front) of Class 2008 participated in the master's thesis defense held at BLCU
Class 2008 after their defense with Wang Lujiang (front row, center), Party Committee Secretary of BLCU
Class 2008 after the Commencement Ceremony with Prof. Cui Xiliang, President of BLCU (fifth from right) and Mr. Huo Mingjie, Deputy Party Committee Secretary (fifth from left) of the University
In December 2018, Prof. Lu Wei (lower left) and her class had a lively after-school discussion
In March 2019, Sun Haoyu, international conference interpreter and instructor of “Interpretation”, with Class 2017
In March 2019, Sun Haoyu, international conference interpreter and instructor of “Interpretation”, with Class 2017