External Examiners

Prof. Liqun Wei

Prof. Carlos Ascenso André

Programme examined: Management (Bachelor's degree)

Professor Liqun Wei from the Hong Kong Baptist University is a Professor of Management in the Department of Management and the Associate Director of Faculty of Business Administration in the School of Business. Professor Wei received her Ph.D. from Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2004. Her research interests are strategic human resource management (SHRM), top management teams (TMTs) and Chinese business strategy, with recent projects mainly focusing on the HRM system evolution and founding team effectiveness in entrepreneurial firms in China.

With those published at premier academic journals such as Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of Management Studies, Human Relations and Human Resource Management, Professor Wei has published over 30 articles in peer-reviewed, quality academic journals, plus some at the Best Paper proceedings of AoM and AIB annual conferences. Professor Wei is now serving as the Associate Editor at Journal of Management Studies.  

Actively involved in various executive trainings, Professor Wei has experiences of working in businesses and providing consultancy services to various kinds of firms including small and medium sized businesses in China.