Academic Advisors

Prof. João Malaca Casteleiro

Prof. João Malaca Casteleiro

Professor Joao Malaca Casteleiro is a notable linguist of the Portuguese language. He has been devoted to Portuguese language research in the areas of Syntax, Lexicology and Lexicography, and the teaching of Portuguese as a Foreign Language (PFL) with ample research outputs and publications. His recognized contributions to Portuguese language teaching and research are well reflected in the important roles he has played in various academic institutions.

Professor Malaca Casteleiro has served as a member of the Lisbon Academy of Sciences (LAS) since 1979, research consultant of the National Institute of Scientific Research for 12 years, President of the Department of Portuguese Language and Culture of the Faculty of Letters, University of Lisbon, for more than 20 years, and President of the LAS Institute of Lexicology and Lexicography of the Portuguese Language for 18 years. Since 2009 he has been the consultant for the Language and Culture Research Centre of Macao at Macao Polytechnic Institute. 

In terms of his teaching career, Professor Malaca Casteleiro has served as Professor at the University of Lisbon for 25 years, Visting Professor at the University of Macau for 20 years and the University of Beira Interior for 10 years. In 2001 he began to serve as external academic examiner for Macao Polytechnic Institute. During the course of his teaching career, he has supervised 25 doctoral and 50 Master’s dissertations in the universities mentioned above, as well as several others. 

Actively engaging himself in Portuguese language research, Professor Malaca Casteleiro has undertaken numerous research projects of great importance to the area, for instance, “Portuguese Fundamentals”, “The Lexico-Grammatical Structures of Contemporary Portuguese”, “Electronic Dictionary of Portuguese”, “Dictionary of Contemporary Portuguese” (LAS), “Grammatical Dictionary of Portuguese Verbs”, and the development of a series of PFL textbooks. The major publications resulting from these projects include Nivel Limiar de PortuguesDicionario da Lingua Portuguesa Contemporanea da Academia das Ciencias de LisboaAprender Portugues: Portugues Lingua EstrangeiraDiconario Grammatical de Verbos PortuguesesAtual: O Novo Acordo Ortografico, and Vocabulario Ortografico da Lingua Portuguesa

In 1986 and 2001 Professor Malaca Casteleiro was decorated by the French and Portuguese governments with the Honour of the Knight of the Order of Academic Palms and the Honour of Great Officer of the Order of Infante D. Henrique respectively, for his distinguished contributions to academic research.