External Examiners

Prof. Hua Wei

Prof. Carlos Ascenso André

Programme examined:
International Chinese Language Education (Bachelor's degree)

Professor Hua Wei from the Chinese University of Hong Kong is the Division Head and Project Leader (Kunqu Research and Promotion Project) in the CUHK Department of Chinese Language and Literature. She has been a researcher and Deputy Director of the Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy of Academia Sinica, Taiwan, Jointly Appointed Professor in the Department of Chinese of the Central University, Taiwan, and Visiting Professor in the University of California Berkeley, University of Chicago and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Professor Hua is particularly interested in Chinese classical opera, Ming-Qing literature and women's literature. Works she has authored, proofread or edited include: The Female Voice and Historic Memory in Ming-Qing Opera, Opera Composition by Ming-Qing Women and Critics, Collection of Opera by Ming-Qing Women, the Peony Pavilion, Proceedings of International Conference on Ming-Qing Opera, Tang Xianzu and the Peony Pavilion, as well as Kunqu and the Peony Pavilion to the World. She has also published tens of articles in both Chinese and English publications. Among them, the article entitled “How dangerous can be the Peony?” was nominated by the Chinese Kunqu Almanac as the 2011 recommended research paper. During her stay in Taiwan she has received several research grants from the Science Council. Recently she successfully obtained a 2011-13 research grant from the Hong Kong Research Grants Council for her project entitled “The Historic Recurrence of the Ming Dynasty in Qing Opera”.

Apart from her devotion to teaching and research, Professor Hua also actively engages herself in the dissemination and development of the Chinese classical opera. At present, she serves as a member on the following panels/boards: the Chinese Traditional Performing Arts Panel of the Cultural Presentations Section of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department of the Hong Kong SAR Government, the editorial boards of Journal of Theatre Studies, Journal of Chinese Literature, and the Compilation of Qing Opera to be published by the Renmin University of China School of Liberal Arts, as well as the Boards of Directors of the “Institute for Kunqu and Guqin Research” and the “Chinese Opera Society Division of Tang Xianzu Studies”.