External Examiners

Dr. Graça Rio-Torto

Programme examined: Chinese-Portuguese/Portuguese-Chinese Translation & Interpretation (Bachelor's degree)

Dr. Graça Rio-Torto is Associate Professor of Linguistics of the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Coimbra (UC), Portugal, where she received her Bachelor's and PhD degrees respectively in Romance Philology and in Portuguese Linguistics respectively. She has been Director of CELGA, Centre for Studies of General and Applied Linguistics (1997-1999) and President of the Scientific Commission of Romance Department (2006-2008). She is co-director of the PhD course “Portuguese Language: Research and Teaching”. Since 2013 she has been the Director of the UC Courses of Portuguese as a Foreign Language.

Dr. Rio-Torto is specialised in morphology and lexicology, with a main interest in the semantics of word formation, from both synchronic and diachronic perspectives. She is also engaged in descriptive and applied studies of the acquisition of the Portuguese language as PL2, as well as in the contrastive study of Brazilian and European Portuguese.

Dr. Rio-Torto has participated in several conferences in Portugal and abroad (including Austria, Brazil, China, France, Hungary, Italy, Mozambique and Spain) and is the author of 11 books (e.g. Verbs and Nouns in Portuguese, 2008; Derivational Grammar or Portuguese Language, 2013), as well as around one hundred articles and chapters in international academic journals and books.

Dr. Rio-Torto has served as an invited or visiting professor at several universities abroad, including São Paulo University – USP (Brazil), São Paulo State University – UNESP Araraquara (Brazil), University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain), University of Vigo (Spain), Eduardo Mondlane University (Mozambique), University of Bologna (Italy), University of Lille (France) and University of Macau amongst others.

Dr. Rio-Torto is strongly engaged in research projects with several international teams, especially in Brazil (Federal University of Bahia, São Paulo University: USP), Mozambique and China. Some of the 19 PhD and/or 23 Master’s degree dissertations she has successfully supervised are a result of these collaborative research activities.