External Examiners

Prof. Jorge Carvalho Arroteia

Prof. Carlos Ascenso André

Programme examined: Public Administration (Bachelor's degree)

Professor Jorge Carvalho Arroteia, Professor of the Department of Education in the University of Aveiro, Portugal, has been engaged for some 40 years in the higher education sector of Portugal, possessing ample experience in teaching and research, education management and academic accreditation.

Professor Arroteia joined the University of Aveiro in the 1970s and has been teaching since then in the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes offered by the Department of Education and several other departments in the university. He has served as the University’s pro-rector, vice-president of its Research Committee, and president of the Department of Education management board. In addition to his university responsibilities, he has actively participated in national higher education affairs. He has been General Sub-Director of Higher Education in the Ministry of Education and Culture, Manager-Coordinator of the FOCO (Continual Teacher Training) and FORGEST (ICT and Management Training) programmes of the Ministry of Education, General Inspector (Science and Higher Education) in the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, and a member of the organizing committees of various higher schools.

Professor Arroteia's research interests lie in human geography, Portuguese emigration, and education studies from the socio-political perspective. He has (co-)authored some 40 monographs as well as more than 70 academic articles and book chapters. His recent works include Leiria e o Pinhal Litoral: Sistema Geográfico e Contextos de Desenvolvimento (2009), Educação e Desenvolvimento: Fundamentos e Conceitos (2008) and A População Portuguesa: Memória e Contexto para a Acção Educativa (2007). He has been Vice-President of the National Geography Committee and, since 2008, a researcher of the inter-university Centre for Population, Economic and Social Studies, where he has served as President of its Research Committee and Vice-President of its Board of Management.

In the area of academic accreditation, Professor Arroteia has been engaged in various undertakings of the Ministry of Education in relation to research, Portuguese education overseas, and higher education provision of polytechnics. Amongst his many other commitments he has served as President of the External Evaluation Panel (Polytechnic Education Provision in Social Sciences) of the National Committee of Higher Education Evaluation, as well as President of the Polytechnic Education Provision Evaluation Panel of the Portuguese Specialised Higher Education Association.