Nursing Skills Laboratories

Nursing Lab Equipment Borrowing Form

7th floor, Meng Tak Building

Nursing Laboratories are simulated as clinical wards in which nursing students can practice their nursing skill and technique. Nursing laboratories are composed of fundamental and specialist nursing, opened to all our nursing students including our master students and graduates, so as to strengthen their nursing knowledge and provide a suitable place for them to practice.

M717 Intensive Care Unit Room

Intensive Care Unit Room, one of our specialist nursing practice room, is a simulated intensive care unit providing equipments like emergency cart, procedure cart, and models with critical cases for practice.


M718 Nursing Skill Practice Room

This is the biggest practice room consisted of 7 hospital beds with models such as injection, blood drawing, catheterization and cardiopulmonary resuscitation models etc for nursing students to train up their nursing skills.

There is also a complete set of computer equipment system for teachers to provide lecture while they are having practicum in the nursing laboratory. Students can also divided into groups, discuss with teachers about what they learn from lecture and practicum, share their experiences and consolidate their nursing skills.

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M719 Community Health Care and Health Assessment Room

This is another specialist nursing laboratory which is divided into two major specialists, one is Community Health Care, and another one is Health Assessment.

Community Health Care practice room provides a simulated home-liked situation in which students can practice how to promote community health care to the public. On the other hand, there are also many reference books and CDs available for students to borrow and get more information concerning this specialist nursing care.

Health Assessment practice room consisting 6 assessment beds and different kinds of health assessment equipment such as tuning forks, hammers etc.

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M720 SimMan Room

A computerized simulator is set up with different signs and symptoms for students to carry out nursing care. Teachers can used the computer to control the different kinds of breathing sound, heart sounds, vital signs and even the speech of the simulator. As a result, students’ response and reaction can also be trained up throughout this practice.


M722 Observation Room

Observation room consists of one-way mirrors, through which teachers can observe students’ response and reaction while they are practicing. As the same time, students would not know who is observing them.

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M723 Demonstration Room

This is the demonstration room where teachers demonstrate the nursing skill to students. There are a complete set of computer equipment system for teacher to provide lecture while having their nursing skill demonstration.

Except fundamental nursing equipments, some Chinese medicine equipments are also equipped, so as to provide an optimized learning practicum environment for our nursing students.

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M724 Gynecology, Obstetrics and Pediatric Nursing Room

There are many teaching models inside this specialist room for students to practice, such as baby models for nursing students to practice baby bathing, measuring baby’s height and weight, and also obstetrics models showing the different weeks of baby inside the uterus.