Exchange Students from Macao Polytechnic Institute (MPI) studying at Polytechnic Institute of Leiria (IPL)


  1. Where and who should I contact?

    Information can be accessed on the Institute’s website: Homepage > Administrative Units > Student Affairs Office > Services > Team for Furthering Studies, Career Counseling, Student Exchange and Alumni Affairs > Information for Exchange Students, or contact Ms Isabel Rosa Duque.

    Students can also visit the Macao Polytechnic Institute (MPI) Student Affairs Office (Room A119) / Tel: (+853) 8599 6625 / or contact the Programme coordinator for the Bachelor in Portuguese-Chinese Translation & Interpretation, Professor Rosa Bizarro (e-mail: with any enquiries).

  2. Do I have to apply for this exchange programme ?

    No. The exchange programme is part of the MPI Bachelor in Chinese-Portuguese Translation and Interpretation course, therefore all MPI students that has been selected by the School of Languages and Translation (ESLT), may participate in the exchange programme and continue their studies in the School of Education and Social Sciences (ESECS) ( ) of the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria (IPL) ( However, should a selected student have any special reason or health problems and not wish to continue their studies as indicated in the study plan, they should contact the MPI Bachelor in Chinese-Portuguese Translation and Interpretation course coordinator, Professor Rosa Bizarro (e-mail:

  3. What is the duration of the exchange programme ?

    1 year at IPL.

  4. Do I need a VISA to Portugal ?

    Students with Portuguese passport do not need a VISA to Portugal. However, students with passports issued by MSAR or Mainland China must apply for the “Schengen Visa” in the Portugal Consulate in Macao. 

    DAE staff will guide the exchange students on how to apply for the “Schengen Visa”.

  5. What will my expenses be like in Portugal ?
    Tuition fees: should pay their tuition fees to MPI  - Tuition Fees
    Registration fees: Exempt from IPL registration fees.
    Accommodation: Accommodated in the IPL hostel at no charge.
    Living subsidy: IPL will be giving a monthly subsidy of around EUR100.00 for each student, which should cover daily meals and other basic expenses such as laundry within the hostel, bus passes etc.
    Renovation of the “Schengen Visa” IPL will guide students on the renovation of the “Schengen Visa” in Portugal. Students need to pay the renovation fees at around EUR100.00
    Electricity fees: Do not need to pay electricity bills.
    Application for Authorization to Stay fees: Must pay the fees for application for authorization to stay in Portugal at around EUR153.00
    Tax payer request fees: Must pay the tax payer request fees of around EUR7.00.
    Transportation fees:

    IPL will provide transportation for the students on their first arrival in Portugal, from the Portugal-Lisbon International Airport to the hostel and return. Bus passes to travel within Leiria or other places in Portugal are available to anyone that wishes to purchase one, but a special bus fare is charged for all registered students in Portugal


    Alternatively students may also travel by train within Portugal, and even within Europe. It is the cheapest way to travel in Europe.

    Meal expenses: Students are responsible for their own daily meal expenses. As an approximate guide, set lunches in restaurants in the city of Leiria start from around EUR 7. Students may choose to have daily meals in any of the student canteens provided by IPL at no cost.
    Health care and Insurance:

    IPL has insurance covering all registered students in the event of any unfortunate bodily injuries sustained (

    IPL have their own medical clinic that offers consultations in General Practice, Gynecology /Obstetrics, Dentistry, Sports Medicine, Occupational Medicine, Ophthalmology and Clinical Psychology at reduced costs (

    Students must buy an international health insurance valid for one year, covering medical consultations, hospitalizations and other unfortunate accidents.

    Medicines can only be bought in pharmacies. Some medicines can be sold without a prescription, but for stronger medication a doctor’s prescription is required. Medications that are usually taken should be brought along with the student.

    Note: If the above mentioned fees are changed, the fees as published by the related department shall prevail.
  6. When should I arrive in Portugal ?

    Students should arrive in Portugal at least one week before the first day of classes, so as to be able to complete all the formalities, such as registration, opening of bank account etc., and to become familiar with the surrounding environment before class starts (

  7. What documents do I need to bring with me ?
    • A valid passport with VISA (with at least 1 year of validity);
    • 6 passport type photographs (with white background);
    • Health Insurance Card and related policies;
    • Your updated vaccination booklet;
    • Account information of your bank in Macao, such as a copy of the bank account booklet or card, bank name, address, account number, IBAN, SWIFT, and NIB codes. (The only bank in Macao that has connections with banks in Portugal is “Banco Nacional Ultramarino” (BNU), and BNU will transfer values of less than EUR100.00, but only to “Caixa Geral de Depositos” bank. It is therefore recommended that students open an account with this bank in Portugal).
    • One copy of the MPI and IPL agreement regarding the exchange programme.

Three copies of each of all the above mentioned documents (excluding students photos and MPI and IPL agreement regarding the exchange programme).