Language and Culture Research Centre of Macao

General Information

The Language and Culture Research Center of Macao was established by MPI together with Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU) and the Institute of Applied Linguistics (IAL) of the Ministry of Education. The plaque unveiling ceremony was held on November 17th, together with the International Conference on “2009 Macao: Language Contact and Cross-Cultural Communication”. Researcher Yao Xishuang, IAL Director, Professor Chen Xi, Director of the BLCU Office for Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Affairs, and President Lei Heong Iok hosted the unveiling ceremony and signed the cooperation memorandum.

The Center aims to integrate the academic resources and advantages of the three parties for an ample amount of academic outputs, striving to be an institution authoritative in the area of Macao language and culture research and key research base in the area of social sciences and humanities. The Center will focus on the complicated condition of Macao’s multi-language environment and make use of the ample language and cultural resources to initiate various language and culture related research projects, working towards an enhancement of the standards of the linguistic and cultural development of the Macao SAR.