GDUFS Secretary Sui Guangjun Visited MPI to Deepen Bay Area Cooperation

Sui Guangjun, Secretary of the Party Committee of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (GDUFS) and Chairman of the University Board, visited Macao Polytechnic Institute (MPI) on July 27 together with his delegation, and was warmly received by Professor Im Sio Kei, the President of MPI, and others. The two sides exchanged views on the implementation of projects like the “Greater Bay Area Portuguese Language Education Alliance” and “Bay Area Campus”. They also discussed and mapped out further cooperation in areas such as talent cultivation, research and innovation, and services in the Bay Area by their joined strength, so as to support the integration, innovation and development of education in the Bay Area.

Im welcomed the GDUFS delegation and summarized fruitful cooperation and achievements of the two universities in areas such as artificial intelligence, machine translation and Portuguese language, to name just a few. Lately, MPI, GDUFS and the School of Professional and Continuing Education of the University of Hong Kong (HKUSPACE) joined forces and established the “Greater Bay Area Portuguese Language Education Alliance”; signed the agreement of the establishment of the  “Bay Area Campus” to elevate the sharing of educational resources in the Bay Area; and held a thematic forum on “Machine Translation, Artificial Intelligence and Smart Cities in the Big Data Era” in cooperation with other supporting parties.

Im stated that the Institute sees building the “Engineering Research Centre of Applied Technology on Machine Translation and Artificial Intelligence, Ministry of Education” and the “International Portuguese Training Centre for Conference Interpreting” as an opportunity to join hands with GDUFS and universities in the Bay Area in deepening exchanges and cooperation, to combine the idea of “bringing-in” and “going global” in the use of educational resources in the Bay Area, and to promote extensive consultation, joint construction and shared benefit amongst universities in the Bay Area.

Sui thanked MPI for its warm reception and spoke highly of the many years of collaboration between the two universities and of the high level of results and originality achieved. He also suggested that the two universities should actively promote multi-level and all-round cooperation and exchange based on the excellent projects, namely the “Bay Area Campus” and the “Eurasian Campus”; build a synergistic and innovative mechanism for close cooperation, resource sharing, complementary advantages and mutual benefits; serve the construction and development of the Greater Bay Area; and create a quality and collaborative environment for nurturing talents. He also mentioned that the two universities should integrate resources and actively launch different kinds of cultural exchange activities for young people with an aim to build a new platform for the youth of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao to get to know, experience and integrate into the Greater Bay Area, and to help the young people in the Bay Area strengthen their sense of identity and solidarity with their country, their nation and their culture.

The GDUFS delegation also visited the “Chinese-Portuguese-English Machine Translation Laboratory” (CPE Lab), which was established in collaboration with GDUFS and Global Tone Communication Technology Co., Ltd. (GTCOM), and is based in MPI. With the philosophy of science and innovation, the CPE Lab has a series of research and application products based on the “Chinese-Portuguese Neural Machine Translation System” , which has been professionally evaluated as the world’s leading quality of Chinese-Portuguese/ Portuguese-Chinese pairing translation. The members of the delegation included Chen Yanhui, Director of the Department of Development and Planning; Ke Xiaohua, Director of the Office of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs; and Yang Ke, Dean of the Faculty of European Languages and Cultures.

Sui Guangjun, Secretary of the Party Committee of GDUFS and his delegation visited MPI

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