MPI Cultivates Talents Needed for the Development of Macao; Graduates are Highly Favoured by Employers

The nurturing of talents is the core factor of a city’s competitiveness. Macao Polytechnic Institute (MPI) is committed to creating a platform for cultivating professional talents by offering programmes which are closely related to the needs of Macao's development, with equal emphasis on professional knowledge and practical ability, as well as all-rounded education. In the area of Chinese-Portuguese-English translation, information technology, arts, business administration, public services, health and physical education, etc., MPI has trained more than 20,000 professional and innovative talents with love for the Motherland and Macao and with international competitiveness. According to the latest survey report, the overall further study and employment rate of MPI graduates exceeds 90 per cent, with more than 80 per cent of graduates being successfully employed or starting a business within three months of graduation. The average monthly income has increased to MOP17,963, which reflects the employers’ recognition of MPI graduates’ competence.

According to the “MPI Graduate Survey for Academic Year 2018/2019”, over 90 per cent of graduates have found a job, pursued further studies or started a business. More than 80 per cent have found a job in Macao with an average monthly income of MOP17,963, nearly an 8 per cent increase from the previous year. Graduates who chose further studies unanimously agree that MPI’s programmes are beneficial to their future studies. The top universities around the world where MPI students chose to pursue further education included the University of Cambridge, the University College London, the University of California in Los Angeles, the University of Melbourne and the Universidade de Lisboa. In addition, almost 90 per cent of graduates believe that the professional knowledge learned at MPI is helpful to their job and more than 40 per cent of graduates express their willingness to work in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area in the future. The report shows that MPI graduates are favoured by employers in different sectors, especially for their professional knowledge and skills, and the ability to learn and work. This reflects that MPI has been widely recognised by the society for its contribution to cultivating practice-oriented professionals with both ability and integrity. Graduates are also confident in the development of the country, the Greater Bay Area and Macao.

Every year, MPI organises a career fair with a series of activities to provide students employment information and guidance. This year, the first online career fair was held with the participation of more than 350 corporations and governmental agencies from Macao, Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area, providing more than 4,000 job openings. Through the online platform, career sharing sessions and interview workshops, graduates can interact with potential employers, understand the market dynamics and industry information from multiple perspectives, sharpen interview skills and apply for jobs remotely during this anti-epidemic period. MPI also cooperated with Sanjiang Human Resources Service Center, a subsidiary of Zhuhai Huafa Group, for the first time in jointly hosting an online session of the “Career and Internship Fair for University Students in the Greater Bay Area”, deepening the Guangdong-Macao cooperation as well as promoting the talent exchanges in the Greater Bay Area.

With gracious support from the Central People's Government and the Macao SAR Government, MPI has been firmly adhering to the principle of “remaining rooted in Macao with love for our country and the local society, serving the local society with an eye to the world, and striving for excellence”. With emphasis on student-oriented teaching and high teaching quality, MPI’s professional disciplines have developed by leaps and bounds in number and level since Macao's return to the motherland. Its continued effort in talent training and commitment to teaching quality assurance are recognised internationally, winning many teaching quality awards. Students and alumni have made outstanding achievements in international sports competitions and technological innovation to show their talents in Macao and all over the world. MPI will seize the opportunities from the strategic development of the central government and Macao, by highlighting the core projects such as “Engineering Research Centre of Applied Technology on Machine Translation and Artificial Intelligence, Ministry of Education” and “International Portuguese Training Centre”. It aims to promote interdisciplinary and cross-regional research and teaching in MPI’s advanced areas of Chinese-Portuguese translation, information technology, gaming and tourism, cultural creativity and Sino-Western cultural studies. MPI will continue to nurture outstanding professionals with love for their country and the local society, to participate actively in the construction of “The Belt and Road” Initiative and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and contribute to the successful practice of the “One Country, Two Systems” policy.

MPI cultivates talents needed for the development of Macao
MPI graduates are highly favoured by employers


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