Fast Facts

Number of registered undergraduate students in 2017/2018 3264
Number of Academic Units 6
Number of Bachelor's Degree Programmes 22
Number of Joint Master's Degree Programmes 11
Number of Joint Doctoral Degree Programmes 3
Teaching Media Chinese / Portuguese / English
Teacher-student ratio 1 to 14
Proportion of computers to students 1 to 4
Application Period for undergraduate admission Please click here
Number of students per class in average 18 ~ 30
Tuition fees for Bachelor's Degree Programmes Please click here
The year MPI was established 1991
Proportion of day-time to evening-time students in 2017/2018 75% to 25%
Proportion of males to females in 2017/2018 43% to 57%
Number of Graduates in 2016/2017 637
Campus Area (Main Campus) 19883m²
Total Area (Main Campus) 65016m²
Campus Area (Campus in Taipa) 6300m²
Total Area (Campus in Taipa) 38043 m²

Last Modified on 11/12/2017