Campus Facilities

Macao Polytechnic Institute Facilities and Equipment Information

Macao Polytechnic Institute Multisport Pavilion
Area 6,212 m²
Total Construction Area 17,339.12 m²
  • Network: Network sockets with 300 RJ 45 installed on each level.
  • One LED electronic display;
  • Video/Audio System: TV Broadcast Cable Network /Video Processing System /Broadcast Camera;
  • Building Management System: Air conditioner and lighting;
  • Automatic air conditioning system(HVAC).
Environmental Design
  • Architecture designed with the use of natural light;
  • Electric light-isolation curtain installed inside the pavilion allows effective adjustment of light intensity for energy saving.
  • Pervasive heating and air conditioning system.
Court Area 45m x 32m
45m x 22m (after seat expansion)
Height 18.5m
Floor Material Wooden floor
Illuminance 1,500Lux
Number of Seats Total 3,731seats Fixed Seats:2,963
Flexible Seats:768
Proper Activities Indoor Activities
Other Facilities in Main Building
Facilities Number of Seats Area Suggested Applications
Auditorium 378 seats Theatre style Main stage 392m²
  • Seminars/Meetings
  • Concerts 
  • Theatre Performances 
  • Variety Shows
Lam Kan Exhibition Gallery 60 seats 143m²
  • Exhibitions
  • Seminars/Meetings
  • Press Conferences
Exhibition Gallery -- 240m²
  • Stalls 
  • Refreshment Area
  • Venue Opening Ceremonies
Exhibition Gallery Booth 2-4seats 9 m² (3mX3m)
  • Stall
Classrooms 20-60seats ---
  • Lectures
Computer Laboratory 20-50 seats ---
  • Lectures
Lecture Theatre No.1 173 seats 250 m²
  • Lectures
  • Seminars/Meetings
  • Press Conferences
Lecture Theatre No.2 98seats 127.5 m²