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Headline:Cultural & Creative Forum 2017:Arts and Cultural and Creative Industries
Objective: The Cultural & Creative Salon seeks to promote local enterprise and culture by providing a supportive atmosphere in which experiences can be shared and ideas developed.
Event Date: 12th December 2017 (Tuesday) Time: 15:00
Target Audience: The Forum is open to all, but will be of particular interest to students hoping to work in the cultural & creative industry and related fields, to those already pursuing a career in this field, as well as experts and scholars in various cultural and creative industries. (free admission).
Organizer: Cultural and Creative Industry Teaching and Research Centre,
Macao Polytechnic Institute
Guest Speaker: Speech
Mr. José Emídio, Vice President of Árvore Cooperativa de Actividades Artísticas, C.R.L.

Dr. Jose da Cunha, President and Founder, Fundação Rui Cunha

Architect Carlos Marreiros, Chairman of MAA Marreiros Architectural Atelier Limited

Master of Ceremonies
Dr. Cândido Azevedo, Coordenador – AASF, Fundação Rui Cunha
Founded in 1963, Árvore - Cooperativa de Actividades Artísticas, C.R.L. , an art agency in Porto, Portugal, has provided artists with creative spaces, networked artists, organized exhibitions and art promotion events, commissioned the sale of artists' works and supported many artists in their creative career. In particular, Mr. JOSÉ EMÍDO, Vice President of Árvore, is invited to Macau to share his experience in supporting art development through cultural and creative industries.

Architect Carlos Marreiros and RUI CUNHA FOUNDATION founder Dr. Jose da Cunha have been playing the role of supporters of Macao artists for many years. They will meet with Mr. JOSÉ EMÍDO to explore how cities use cultural and creative industries to create an environment and mechanism that supports the development of artists.

Language: Portuguese (Simultaneous interpretation : Portuguese and Mandarin)
Venue: Lecture Theatre 1, 1/F Wui Chi Building, Macao Polytechnic Institute
Enquiry: Miss Chan    Tel: 8599 5006



Event Date:2017-12-12