Past Issues


“One Country, Two Systems” and the China’s New Era

The Practice of the “One Country, Two Systems” Policy and its Ten Relations with the New Era IEONG Wan Chong
On Correct Understanding of Xi Jinping Thoughts on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era RONG Kaiming
The “One Country, Two Systems” Policy Must be Accompanied by China’s New Journey in the New Era ZHUANG Jinfeng
Several Important Theoretical Problems in the Current Practice of the “One Country, Two Systems” Policy CHANG Le

“One Country, Two Systems” and Jurisprudence Study

The Recognition of the Legal Status of the Macao Basic Law as a Constitutional Law LENG Tiexun
On the Local Attribute of the Political System of the Special Administrative Region JIANG Hua
Some Thoughts on the Chief Executive Universal Suffrage of the Hong Kong SAR CAO Qiang, CAO Sheng
The Application of Public Order in the Recognition and Enforcement of the Mainland China and the Commercial Judgments in Hong Kong and Macao SONG Xixiang
An Analysis of Social Welfare Provisions in the Macao Basic Law: History, Norms and Structure CHAN Wai Tan

“One Country, Two Systems” and Lasting Political Stability

Right of Protest, Public Order and Re-balance of Hong Kong’s Rule of Law TIAN Feilong
Bilingual Legal System in Hong Kong: Existing Problems and their Solutions WANG Xuanwei
Study on the External Conditions of the Recovery and Development of the “De Jure Taiwan Independence” Activities YOU Zhiqiang
“One Belt and One Road” Initiative: Historical Accumulation and Real Value KOU Seng Man
The Scientific Connotation of Xi Jinping’s Thoughts of Overseas Chinese Affairs in the New Era CHEN Yunyun

“One Country, Two Systems” Theory and Its Implementation Patterns

The Influence and Expectation of the “One Country, Two Systems” Policy on Macao Local Studies LI Yanping
Opinions on the Reform of Administrative Refutation Systems in Macao CHEANG Kam Yiu
The Establishment of the Municipal Organization in accordance to the Requirement of the Macao Basic Law HO Man Ieng
On the Legal System of the Cultural Heritage Protection in Macao WU Qingyang
The Function Orientation and Operation of the Macao Foundation from the Perspective of Institutionalism CHEONG Sio Pang

A Wide Angle

Study on the Scope of the Major Issues Discussed and Decided by Local People’s Congresses and their Standing Committees ZHONG Xiaokai
The Criminal Protection of Personal Information Right in the Big Data Era WEN Libin
Study on Patient’s Right to Religious Belief in Medical Treatments NIE Zhengyu
Academic Activities