Past Issues


“One Country, Two Systems” and Its Implementation Patterns

Summary of the Academic Seminar of
“The General Evaluation of the Policy Address for the Fiscal Year 2015
RUPDS Editorial Dept.
The “One Country, Two Systems” Cogitation and the Cultivation of Patriotism IEONG Wan Chong
A Draft of Cross-Straits Exchanges Comprehensive Framework Agreement ZHOU Yezhong, DUAN Lei
Several Major Constitutional Theoretical Issues Concerning
“Governance according to Constitution”
ZHUANG Jinfeng
On the Protection of Sovereign Rights and Interests:
A Proposal for Cross-Strait Cooperation in the South China Sea
On the Retrospect and Prospect of Macao Political Development after the Handover WANG Yu

“One Country, Two Systems” and Lasting Political Stability

Summary of the Academic Seminar of “The Legislation of Higher Education System and the Higher Education Development in Macao” Union of Macao Scholars Secretariat
On the Reflection of the History of Political Reform in Hong Kong and the Rational Cognition of the “One Country, Two Systems” Policy JI Chaoyuan
Judicial Practice in the Hong Kong SAR in the View of Political Legitimacy CHEN Xueyu, Zhang Jianyi
On the Current Situation and the Reform of the Judicial Systems in the Macao SAR ZHAO Linlin
On Balance of Interests in Corporate Governance in Macao and its Implication to the Mainland China LENG Tiexuan
On Governance and the Development of Social Security in Macao CHAN Wai Tan
From Association Society to Civil Society: the Development of Governance in Macao from the Perspective of Constitutionalism ZHANG Qiang
On the Logic Starting Point of the Development of Political System in the Macao SAR ZHOU Ting
On Collaborative Governance Issues in Hengqin under the Background of Free Trade Zone YIN Xudong

“One Country, Two Systems” and Jurisprudence Study

On the Comparison of the Horizontal Power Structure in the Four East Asian Countries (Regions) and Its Use for Reference in View of Constitutionalism YOU Le
On Professionalization of Judges in the Context of Judicial Reform ZHONG Xiaokai
On the Protection of Lawyers’ Dignity:
Taking the Practice Criterion of Macao Lawyers as Reference
QIAO Xiaofei
A Comparative Study on the System of Non-Imprisonment Sentence between the Mainland and Macao ZENG Zhibin
A Comparative Study on the Policy Measures to the Development Promote Alternative Dispute Resolution Program between Macao and the Mainland LI Meng
On the Evolution of Idea of Modern Guardianship:
Centered on the Macao Guardianship System
MA Jiena
Cross-Straits Legal Practice and Protection of the Right to Freedom of Divorce GUO Xi
Experience of Communication Surveillance from Hong Kong and Taiwan and Its Enlightenments BAO Meixia

A Wide Angle

Comprehensive Advantages and Practical Experience of Going Global of Chinese Culture LI Jiazeng
Wang Bo Allows Portuguese to have Trade Relations Privately HUANG Hongzhao
A Study on the Taiwanese Consciousness during the Japanese Colonial Period HUANG Jichao
On the Legal Effect of Traditional Law in Miao Ethnic Minority Group from the Perspective of Legal Sociology WANG Di
Academic Activities