Past Issues


“One Country, Two Systems” and Its Implementation Patterns

On the Source of Power of the Special Administrative Regions’ High Degree of Autonomy IEONG Wan Chong
The Construction of the Branches of Laws in the Legal System of the Macao SAR LENG Tiexun
The Design and Operation of the New Political System WANG Yu
On the Scientific Contents of the “One Country, Two Systems” Policy and its Extension in Practice RONG Kaiming
On the Right of Decision of the Central People’s Government to the Constitutional Development in Hong Kong CHANG Le
Some Questions Related to the Constitutional Theory in the Discussions on the Universal Suffrage of the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong SAR ZHUANG Jinfeng


“Commemorating the 21st Anniversary of the Promulgation of the Macao Basic Law” Academic Conference

The Application of International Treaties in the Macao SAR ZHANG Kuo
On the Integration of Rule of Law and the Proper Implementation of the Macao Basic Law ZHANG Ruizhi, KAO Bingxue
The Basic Law and the Legal Development of the Macao SAR CHIO Heong Ieong


“One Country, Two Systems” and Lasting Political Stability

Some Innovations of the Implementation Path of the Administrative-led System in Hong Kong ZHU Shihai
The Human Rights Perspective of the New Legal Reform of the Declaration of Assets Interests in Macao TENG Hongqing, YANG Fengyun
Is the Macao SAR a Legal Person of Public Law? CHEANG Kam Yiu
The Perfection of the Consultation System in the Macao SAR ZHANG Qiang
The Development of the Macao-Taiwan Relationship in the New Era JI Chaoyuan
On the Education Policy of the Macao SAR LEONG Sok Man
A Study on the Reform of the People’s Congress System under the Open Society Perspective XU Chuan


“One Country, Two Systems” and Jurisprudence Study

A Comparative Study on the Property of the Environmental Rights between Taiwan and the Mainland XIE Wei
A Comparative Study of Administrative Laws of Insurance Activities between Macao and the Mainland XIE Xiaogong
A Mistaken View in the Macao Criminal Law Circles: the Incompleteness of Dangerous Crimes ZHOU Ting
A Legal Thinking on the Compensation of the Levy of Overseas Chinese Ancestral Home PENG Chunlian
On the Compensation for Spiritual Damage to the Family of Victims by the State CHEN Shi, ZHAO Xuan
A Study on the “Legacy Support Agreement” in the Inheritance Law of the Mainland ZHONG Congcong


A Wide Angle

On the Main Motif of Mao Zedong’s Ideology on Governing the Party and the Country YANG Bo, WU Weijia
The Sea Ban Policy in the Early Qing Dynasty and Macao HUANG Hongzhao
Academic Activities