Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations


Since the liberalization of the gaming industry in 2002, there has been a substantial growth in Macao’s economy, which attracts a number of local and foreign investors to establish their companies in Macao. In order to attain a competitive advantage over their rivals, many companies pursue various public relations strategies to differentiate their products and services. Thus the demand for public relations professionals is soaring year after year with higher educational institutes in Macao failing to meet the needs in the public relations industry due to insufficient academic programs that focus both on theory and practice.

This Degree program is designed to better prepare students for careers in public relations or related fields, and become effective public relations professionals in interdisciplinary and diverse professional contexts. In addition, it helps students acquire basic skills specific to contemporary public relations professionals as well as practical knowledge in the public relations industry. Emphasis is placed on four major areas of the profession -- relationship building, creative thinking, strategic communications, and business management skills.


4 years

Credit requirements

140 credits

Teaching Language



Evening Programme

Career Prospects

Wide-ranging and numerous opportunities in public and private sectors, such as advertising, healthcare, banks, social assistance, educational services, government, media, communications firms, financial institutes, and government agencies.

Graduates may choose to further their studies in the overseas universities that Macao Polytechnic Institute has articulation with or any other universities they would like to study in.