Propinas e outros Pagamentos (em Inglês)

Type of Fees Taiwan and Hong Kong Students Foreign Students
Application fee MOP 250 (Approx. USD30)
Tuition fee1 MOP27,300 per year
(Approx. USD3,400)
MOP 35,200 per year
(Approx. USD4,400)
Hostel fee 2 MOP11,350 per year
(Approx. USD1,400)
Hostel Deposit 3 MOP1,030
(Approx. USD130)
Medical Insurance 4 MOP138
(Approx. USD17)
Cost of Living Approx. MOP3,000 per month
(Approx. USD380)
  1. Tuition fees are settled by semester before registration/ the start of a semester; Students have to settle the tuition fee according to the new amount stated If there is any approved adjustment.
  2. The stated amount is for 10 months only (from new academic year till 30 June). Summer residence needs to submit written application, receive approval, and pay the fee (MOP 500 / half month) beforehand;
    Hostel residents are responsible for paying expenses such as water, electricity and gas, etc.
  3. This is a one-time payment and will be refunded upon check-out when all accounts are settled.
  4. This fee is to be settled per annum and the amount is to be adjusted every year.