Tuition Fees and Other Expenses

Type of Fees Taiwan and Hong Kong students Foreign Students
Application fee MOP 150 (Approx. USD20)
Tuition fees MOP24,800 per year (Approx. USD3,200) MOP 32,000 per year (Approx. USD4,100)
Hostel fee2 (on a ten months basis, during the Summer Holidays, the fees will be charged on a 15 days basis) MOP11,350 per year (Approx. USD1,500)
Deposit for hostel (will be refunded on checkout when all accounts are settled) MOP1,030 (Approx. USD130)
Medical Insurance* MOP595 (Approx. USD80)
Cost of Living Approx. MOP3,000 per month (Approx. USD380)
  1. Tuition fees are paid by semesters and should be settled before registration/the school begins'.
  2. If there is any approved adjustment to the tuition fee, both new students and current students are to pay according to the new amount.