Bright Futures Scholarship

Starting from academic year 2014/2015, the ‘Bright Futures Scholarship’ will be established. Three to five scholarships shall be awarded each year.

Details of the ‘Bright Futures Scholarship’ are as follows:

1. Purpose:
To raise the profile of the Institute, expand the source of its students and to attract outstanding students from abroad to study in Macao Polytechnic Institute (hereinafter referred to as “the Institute”), the Institute is going to launch the “Bright Futures Scholarship” (hereinafter referred to as “the Scholarship”).

2. Eligibility:
Students who are from regions other than Macao SAR and China, and who are admitted by means of document verification

3. Form of Selection:
Selected according to their academic results in Form Five, Form Six / the 11th Grade and the 12th Grade, as well as their results in open examinations such as GCE A Level, SAT, HKDSE etc in their respective jurisdictions.

4. Form of Distribution:
Recipients of the scholarship shall have their annual tuition and hostel fees waived and receive a monthly subsidy. Starting from the year of admission, each recipient shall receive the scholarship for four consecutive years, amounting to a total of approximately MOP282,600.

5. Terms for Renewal of Scholarship:
The same value of scholarship shall be awarded for the following academic year if recipients pass all subjects, have a year-end GPA of 3.0 or above, and are recommended by their respective School Director.

6. Termination of Scholarship:
Recipients must study their programme according to the study plan. If recipients change their enrolment status (e.g. change programme, suspend, withdraw etc.), or year-end GPA does not reach 3.0 or above, their scholarship shall be terminated automatically.

7. Others:
Any other issues arising which are not specified in these regulations shall be subject to determination by the Institute’s Management Board.