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Undergraduate admission for 2018/2019  - Release of admission results

Candidates may check out the JAE/admission results on the【Candidate Portal】.

Post: 9 May 2018

Undergraduate admission for 2018/2019  - Download offer letter & relevant documents

Accepted candidates may download the offer letter, registration guide & medical check-up form on the【Candidate Portal】.

Post: 9 May 2018

Undergraduate admissions for 2018/2019 entry【Direct Admission】

Application for direct admission is accepted from 29 January to 13 July 2018.

Post: 23 January 2018




Key Dates
2018-07-19Registration - School of Business
2018-07-20Registration - School of Health Sciences
2018-07-23Registration - School of Public Administration
2018-07-24Registration - School of Languages and Translation
2018-07-25Registration - School of Physical Education and Sports & School of Arts
2018-08-25Campus Orientation
2018-08-27Class Commencement
2018-08-29Opening Ceremony
Students awarded with scholarships every year: 680+

Wong Kei LongGraduate of Computing
After four years’ nurturance in MPI, I’m now a freshman in the society. I’ve had a great experience applying my knowledge to my work. The knowledge I’ve learnt in every single computing course became a great assistance in my work.