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Principal Recommended Admission Scheme 2020/2021 - Interview Arrangements

Applicants may click here for the interview arrangements for the first-choice and/or second-choice programmes.

Post: 17 October 2019

Master's degree programmes for 2020/2021 entry

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Post: 15 October 2019

Meet MPI's admission representatives at the "Mainland China and Macao Higher Education Expo"

Date & Time:

18/10/2019 (Friday) 16:00-18:30

19-20/10/2019 (Saturday & Sunday) 10:00-18:00


Kao Yip Middle School (Avenida Xian Xing Hai)
Post: 8 October 2019

MPI's Doctoral degree programmes for 2019/2020 entry

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Post: 4 September 2019


Key Dates
2019-09-02 ~ 2019-11-042019/20 entry to Doctoral degree programmes - Applications open
Partnerships established with overseas institutions & organisations: 200+

Cheong Iat IeongYear 2 student of Medical Laboratory
Our laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment which provides an excellent learning environment for practical training in biomedical science areas. Our programme emphasises learning through hands-on experiments, for instance taking blood samples and carrying out bacterial culture.